(Roi) Employee Engagement Essay

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Proposal for an Employee Engagement Program
GB512- Business Communications
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DeShawn Wiggins Young
January 27, 2015

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Creating an overall employee engagement strategy for our organization will help attain the best results for Dekra. When implementing a strategy involve the employees with defining the action plan and suggesting possible solutions. After all, employees actually do the day-to-day work.
Research has shown that employees who are engaged in their work and committed to their organizations give the organization a crucial competitive advantage-including higher productivity and lower employee turnover. But, what exactly is employee engagement? There is no generally accepted definition of employee engagement. Nonetheless, it is one of the most widely debated issues in employment action (Bridger, 2015). The lack of a generally accepted definition of employee engagement leads an organization contemplating as to the exact benefits obtained from having an employee engagement program. In my research, I will explore the components of an employee engagement program and its benefits. Although employee engagement definitions can vary greatly, there are common arguments that emerge. These arguments include an
employees’ satisfaction with their work and pride they feel for their employer, the extent to which employees’ enjoy and believe in what they do for work and the perception that their employer values what they bring to the table. This proposal will explore all these arguments.

Components of an Effective Employee Engagement Plan
Essentially, our employee engagement plan will have five major components:
How will the strategy be communicated to employees
How will the organization identify the action plan areas
What are the measurable goals to be evaluated
Specific action to be taken addressing results of the survey
How will the engagement strategy be sustained over time
It is recommended that prior to implementation of an employee engagement strategy, a survey be conducted to identify areas that need to be addressed (Aarts, 2014). The plan should be detailed in its communication efforts, specifically addressing employee engagement in terms of tangible benefits, such as profits, turnover and any relevant outcomes. Developing a strong communication component is essential to a good engagement strategy, but so is following up with employees to determine the effectiveness of the communication efforts. Employee engagement is not one size fits all. What maybe important to one group may not be important to another group. Subgroups must be identified. This can be achieved through relevant business and strategic objectives.

In a review of the literature it suggests that, identifying driving forces of engagement each time an engagement survey is conducted is vital to engagement program success. Only addressing driving forces that can be realistically handled with available resources will help contain cost. Analyzing and understanding the driving forces of employee engagement can help identify where and how engagement programs...

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