Role And Functions Of Law Paper

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Role and Functions of Law Paper
April 22, 2013
Dorothy May

Role and Functions of Law Paper
The function and role of Law in our businesses and society plays a major role in the everyday process of business in our society. In business, law gives us rules and ethical values and a means for settling disputes. It’s for our own good to protect us and our business to have set standard in keeping our business and employee operating proficiently. Without set rules or standards, business would probably not exist.
Law is defined as rules of action or conduct prescribed by controlling authority, having legal binding force (Melvin, p. 2011). Business Law provides ways of resolving ...view middle of the document...

Ordinance is a law formed by municipalities. Executive orders are enacted by the president. Legislative delegation gives the authority to produce an executive order.
Law in Business consists of three classifications, Criminal and Civil law, Substantive and Procedural law and Public and Private law.
Criminal and Civil are laws criminal or civil in nature. Criminal law is for the protection of our society. Civil laws are designed for individuals to be compensated for losses as a result of another’s actions.   
Substantive and Procedural law are law that provides individuals with rights and duties and procedural law gives structure for pursuing substantive rights.
Public and Private Law is the defining framework between an individual and the
government. Private laws are individual contract that does not involve any specific regulations.
The Legal system in the United States has many types of courts. The major two legal systems are the federal and state courts (Melvin, p. 2011). Federal courts specialized in federal government courts and federal appeals. States consist of trial courts and appellate courts. A trial court establish details and share the appropriate laws in order to attain a judgment, while an appellate court remain on legal questions with not reviewing any new proof.
In my present job position as the Assistant information Technology Director for the Sahuarita Unified School District (SUSD), there are numerous state and federal law which we must abide by for children’s safety and welfare. We follow the Arizona State Legislature Title 15 which gives us State guidance on handling our District Computer of being destroyed,...

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