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Role Of An Engineer : India

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Many of today’s concerning societal problems are problems that could potentially become more urgent in the future, and will require an approach identical to that has been the prime aspect of engineering for the past several decades. Some of these close-to-impossible and complex problems demand a form of analysis. This analysis must not be founded only by logic of science, but needs to also be tempered by experience and good judgment. The problems demand teamwork and sincere commitment to obtain workable solutions. Being from India, the issue that I think faces my society today is high carbon emission and pollution. These emissions due to anthropogenic (human) activity are increasingly either ...view middle of the document...

More importantly, National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC) has set a temporary goal of a 20% - 25% reduction by 2020. This INAE’s project involves a range of steps and activities that need to be taken to slow down the emission of carbon dioxide into our atmosphere. The way I see it, currently the INAE’s focus is to utilize the existing low carbon technologies that we have at a larger scale. But when you come to think of the long term, INAE needs to harness engineering innovation to establish new and/or more effective products and services to reduce emissions of greenhouse gasses, and that’s what I want to be a part of.
India is a developing country where industrial growth has to play a much bigger role in the economic development going forward. The contribution to the economy from industries have been increasing at the cost of agriculture, technology etc. However, industries such as iron, steel and power etc. are important for the economic growth of the country; they are the most carbon emitting industries. I believe the next phase of industrial development in my...

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