Role Of Intergovernmental Organization In Globalization

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In current years, each country in the world increasingly plays an important role in the international arena for their required service, and expand to deal with the outside world. However, to maintain international order, intergovernmental organization bonds bring two interrelated challenges. These challenges are increased food prices and climate change. These issue are threats to global growth, thus affecting how people can continue to assist the world, because there challenges can harm to all of us. For there problems, the the UN have a responsibilities to solving the effects of globalization on food prices and climate change.
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In the international community, high food pries will also affect all other parts of the world, because global food crisis caused by food shortages and social unrest, it will undermine the progress of the world.
The UN also should increasing strengthen efforts to control climate change. Changing weather is causing by Global warming. Climate change may affect almost every aspect of human activity in the world. For example, in North America, Europe, and Asia are increase carbon emissions, which can be brought to other country throughout the extreme and unpredictable weather events such as sea-level rise, ecosystem damage, and increased health-risk of pollution. The very serious temperature change reflects these climatic events are closely related to our common humanity. These events are also a warning. Since today's climate challenges impact to us all. This is what people talk about, and enough to break up our entire international order. If the international order collapses on the way, every country is the loser. People of all cultures, race and rankings that we will face weather issue. We must further request a necessary global agreement among all countries. Developed countries must take the lead in negotiations because they are the majority of carbon emissions. And they must act in accordance with common but differentiated responsibilities they agreed in principle to this action.
We should know that, most of the countries are concern about their own interest in the international system. However, if the global cooperation slowdown will affect the country's manufacturing base. However, I strongly believe that we do not want to see the disintegration of the world. We can update the international order to maintain. We can show that our common interests and common ideals. At the same time, the most important thing is we can affirm our common humanity. The UN shares responsibility to promote those ideas to each country in the world. However, we always can see the biggest challenge of how to motivate the most human response...

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