Role Of Manager And Individuals Paper

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Roles of Managers and Individuals Paper
Timothy Joseph Whiteside
MGT 426
Feb 1, 2016
Sharla Walker

Roles of Managers and Individuals Paper
The various roles of managers, and individuals in the change process
The change process is a process which changes the state of things, or which results in change in an organization. Managers have various roles in the change process as well do individual employees. Managers have a well developed and unique relationship with the individual employees that are impacted by change. They are also the preferred sender of messages about change. Individual employee’s utilization rate, proficiency, and speed of adoption define the value of changes. ...view middle of the document...

Outside consultants who are temporarily employed in the organization only for the duration of the change process are called External Change Agents. Individuals working for the organizations that know things about its problems, and have experiences in improving situations are called Internal Change Agents. They are usually ones assigned a responsibility of intervening in a system, and come from entirely different division or department of the same organization. So intervention can be implemented effectively by their help; External- Internal Change Agents are the small group or individuals from within an organization that are the one designated to serve with the External change agents.
A manager’s role in combating resistance, and championing change
As a manager apart of your role in the change process in the organization is to manage the resistance to change. A manager can do so by following the simple worry free advice give by Mrs. Paula Alsher in her article Managing Resistance to change: Effective Tactics You Can Use, from the IMA’s Implementing Organizational Changes at Speed Blog website. Mrs. Alsher advice is to; “1.  Create personal rapport with the Targets by asking questions to better understand their personal Frame of Reference.2.  Establish the expectations.  For example, make it clear that this change is not going away and that here are the expectations for performance. 3.  Explain the change from Target's Frame of Reference.  In other words, be able to answer the three questions that you know the Target has:
• What's in it for me?
• What does this change mean to me personally?
• How do I fit in?
4.  Determine the source of the resistance to the change.  Is it the what, the how, a lack of trust or understanding, simple self-interest?  Is it really resistance...

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