Role Of Media Bringing Public Awareness

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Unit - 5 : Disaster Management
Term I
1. Introduction to Disaster Management
Common Hazards - Prevention and Mitigation
Term II
Man made disasters - Nuclear, Biological and Chemical.
Community Based Disaster Management.

25 Periods

(Chapter 1)
(Chapter 2)
(Chapter 3)
(Chapter 4)


India and the Contemporary World History - Published by NCERT
Contemparary India - Geography - Published by NCERT
Democratic Politics - Published by NCERT
Economics - Published by NCERT
Together, Towards a Safer India - Part II, a textbook on Disaster Management for Class IX - Published by

Class X
Time : 3 Hours
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In Sub Units 1.2 and 1.3 student are required to
choose any one theme from each.

Discuss the relationship/difference between
European nationalism and anti-colonial

Thus all students are required to study four themes in

Point to the way the idea of the nation states
became generalized in Europe and elsewhere.

Term II
Sub-unit 1.1 : Events and processes :

D iscuss the difference between French
colonialism in Indochina and British colonialism
in India.

Any two of the following themes :




Nationalism in Europe :

Outline the different stages of the anti-imperialist
struggle in Indochina.

(a) The growth of nationalism in Europe after
the 1830s. (b) The ideas of Giuseppe
Mazzini etc. (c) General characteristics of
the movements in Poland, Hungary, Italy,
Germany and Greece.
(Chapter 1)
Nationalist Movement in Indo China :
Factors leading to growth of rationalism in
(a) French colonialism in Indochina. (b) Phases
of struggle against the French. (c) The ideas
of Phan Dinh Phung, Phan Boi Chau,
Nguyen Ac Quoc (d) The second world
war and the liberation struggle. (e) America
and the second Indochina war.(Chapter 2)
Nationalism in India : Civil Disobedience
Movement (a) First world war, Khilafat and
Non-Cooperation. (b) Salt Satyagraha. (c)
Movements of peasants, workers, tribals. (d)
Activities of different political groups.
(Chapter 3)
Mapwork based on theme 3 only. (2 marks)

Familiarize the students with the differences
between nationalist movements in Indo China
and India.

Discuss the characteristics of Indian nationalism
through a case study of Civil Disobedience
Analyze the nature of the diverse social
movements of the time.
Familiarize students with the writings and ideals
of different political groups and individuals,
notably Mahatama Gandhi.



Learning Objectives

Term I
Sub-unit 1.2 : Economies and livelihoods :
Any one of the following themes :
4. Industrialization 1850s - 1950s : (a) Contrast
between the form of industrialization in Britain
and India. (b) Relationship between handicrafts
and industrial production, formal and informal
sectors. (c) Livelihood of workers. Case studies
: Britain and India.
(Chapter 4)
5. Urbanization and urban lives : (a) Patterns
of urbanization (b) Migration and the growth of
towns. (c) Social change and urban life. (d)
Merchants, middle classes, workers and urban
(Chapter 5)
Case studies : London and Bombay in the
nineteenth and twentieth century.
6. Trade and Globalization : (a) Expansion and
integration of the world market in the nineteenth
and early twentieth century. (b) Trade and
economy between the two Wars. (c) Shifts after
the 1950s. (d) Implications of globalization for
livelihood patterns.
Case study : The post War International
Economic order, 1945 to 1960s. (Chapter 6)
Sub-unit 1.3 : Culture, Identity and Society
Any one...

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