Role Of The Health And Social Care Worker

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Role of the Health and Social Care Worker

Explain what the differences are between a working relationship and a personal relationship
A working relationship is professional. You main gain friendship, but you must always remain professional when working in the care environment. The needs of the clients always come first. You may not always get on well with a colleague(s) but you have to maintain a good working relationship so you can provide the best care as a team for your clients. If you have a disagreement with a colleague it should be resolved in a calm and professional manner. You should not let feelings cloud your judgement. In a professional relationship the people you are working ...view middle of the document...

They have to be impartial with any issues that arise within the home. If I were to have a personal relationship with my manager outside of work, we must remain professional within work.

Describe why it is important to adhere to the scope of the job role
It is important that I adhere to the agreed scope of my job role so that I work within the boundary of my role and not beyond it, as I may try to attempt to do things that I am not qualified to do, therefore putting myself and others, including clients at risk. It is within my role and my duty of care to the client that this does not happen. For example, if I feel that a resident is unwell and do not report it to a supervisor, but go and phone the doctor/nurse myself first, then I may be wasting the medical professionals time, as it may have already been reported by someone else to the supervisor that the resident/client is unwell, and they may have already informed/called for a medical professional. If I didn't adhere to my job role clients/individuals may not be supported appropriately and may not get a high level of care. Accidents could happen if I am trying to do things that are not included in my role, either to myself, a colleague or client. If I am not doing my job right then important information may not be passed on to the appropriate people at the right time. If I am not doing my job correctly, then confidential information may be passed on to the wrong people (people that are not at liberty/had permission to know this information).

Outline what is meant by agreed ways of working
Agreed ways of working are following policies and procedures based on the sector standards, guidelines and individuals care plans. If you do not comply with the agreed ways of working, then someone could be at risk of harm, discrimination or possibly abuse. For example, if a clients care plan states that they need assistance to wash and dress and you do not assist the client and ignored 'the agreed way of working' then you could be accused of being neglectful, as the client would not be getting the level of care that has been agreed on.

Why is important to have complete and up to date agreed ways of working
It is important to have up-to-date agreed ways of working, as there may be changes in law or policy, and my employer may have to implement these changes to comply with the law/policy changes. It is important to update care plans regularly, as a clients needs may have changed and they may need an increase or possibly decrease in the level of care they need to live a happy, fulfilled life. If they are not up-to-date, then you may not be providing the right care for the client, which is very bad practice. For example a client may have had a hip replacement operation, and their care plan will need to be updated saying what things they need assistance with. They may need to walk with a Zimmer frame for a while till they are stronger on their feet, may need strong pain medication ect... This persons...

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