Role Of Women In Development Essay

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Name: Regynnah Awino
I.D Number: 13so3ADPCS001
Course: Peace and Conflict Resolution
Unit: Research Methods
Assignment: Role of Women in Fostering Development

Research topic: Role of women in fostering development
Women play a central role in the moral, physical and emotional development of any institution or individual. They play a key role in the eradication of socio-economic challenges such as hunger and poverty that hinder development in the society. Their contribution towards issues that concerning the family and the community at large have positively influenced the growth of development in the society. Women in the rural areas, for example, perform tasks that are not economically active but have great significance to the household at large. They play an important role in the translation of the agricultural produce from the farms into food and ...view middle of the document...

Women are moreover, constrained by prominent gender inequalities that prevent them from enjoying social and economical rights. They society views them as a being a helping hand rather than having an active one. Their role as active agents in economy of the society is often undermined and as a result, there is slow developmental progress in the society.
Objectives of the research:
1. To assess the effect of women income on the development of the household
The main objective of the research is to examine the relationship between increases in the income of the women in the household on the development of the household. The objective also aims at assessing the effect of increased income on the performance of girls as compared to boys.
2. The effect of the level of education of the women on the welfare of the family
The aim of this objective is to analyze the effect that the level of education of the woman has on the health and welfare of the members of her household and society. The objective attempts to assess the role of the education level of women in addressing the issue of health of the members of society.
3. The effect of women on consumer decisions
The aim of this objective is to clearly asses the role of the women in purchasing decisions of the family. The research aims at explaining the relationship between the roles of women in purchasing decisions on financially stability of the household that in turn influence the development of the society.
1. General Hypothesis
The main hypothesis of the research stipulates that high incomes greatly contribute to the increased role of women in the development of the society.
2. Specific hypothesis
* Formal employment impacts on the development of women and thus development of the society
* Higher education levels influence the development of women
* Inclusive cultural activities promote the empowerment of women in society, therefore, fostering development in the society.

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