Roles And Functions Of Law Paper

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Role and Functions of Law Paper


July 31, 2014

Role and Functions of Law

Business Law is defined as a set of laws and regulations on how to form, start, and operate a business. It also forms the rules that all businesses should follow. All laws that are governed within business work together and seek to guarantee fairness and justice between all transactions. Corporations rely on the functions of law to protect their business dealings while managing business connections. Legal counsel, arbitrary agreements, order, safety, establishing good rapport with consumers, vendors, etc. are a few functions of business law.
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In the healthcare field, there are separate laws that focus on the legislative, executive, and judicial rules and regulations that oversee the health care industry. A major health care law that many doctors deal with is Medical Malpractice. Victims of this negligence seek compensation for their suffering through lawsuits. While working in this field, I fortunately never witnessed one of these working at my last place of employment. Unfortunately, there have been many malpractice claims that I have heard of that were very controversial. Violating the HIPPA act is another major cause of misconduct that often puts hospitals in trouble with the law. This act is put in place to keep confidential records and patient information away from public access. Hospital workers sometimes let valuable information slip out into public view and this can lead to information getting into the wrong hands.
Lastly, the law promotes safety in the workplace as well as in society. According to De La Morreaux (1999-2014), “The government issues laws to regulate the quality of food, drink and medication while imposing other laws to regulate the mechanical quality of household items and automobiles. Businesses comply with these laws as they control the food that is grown, the transport and packaging of that food, the sale of the food and the method of payment. The public is kept safe from injury...

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