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Roles And Responsibilities In Education Essay

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Roles and Responsibilities in Education and Training

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Yes, this is the Main role, however, on closer examination, this report shows the many hidden, often challenging roles and responsibilities, of the teaching training role.

2. Teaching, Learning and Assessment Cycle

Is a systematic process
helps to ensure achievement
Aims to create a positive learning experience for all
Allows continued Quality Assurance (Gravells and Simpson. pg.27. 2014)

Quality Assurance runs throughout the learning and teaching process. Internal quality assurance is practised in all organisations. This allows continual monitoring and improvement of all aspects of the teaching and learning practice. If the teaching leads to a qualification,that governing college or body perform external and formal moderation, assessing samples of all that you as an organisation do. Ensuring that all students are treated fairly and procedures, policies and requirements are being met (Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) review 2014)

3. Identifying Individual Needs

Responsibility to create the most beneficial and supportive learning experience. Individual needs would hopefully be identified in initial needs assessment. However learner concerns and issues can develop as the course progresses. As teacher, if you notice any issues, try to be proactive in offering any support to lesson any difficulties before issues escalate. This can be done in tutorials or after lessons to avoid learner embarrassment. It is important to remember that it is also your responsibility to treat all individuals equally and fairly. It is not professional to show favouritism.

4. Promoting Appropriate behaviour and Respect

The ways in which the trainer and students interact with each other, ensuring all behaviour is acceptable and appropriate. Respecting and accepting each other for your individuality, being supportive, non-judgemental and polite. These can be promoted by;-
leading by example
initially creating group ground rules
Organised, inclusive, engaging and interactive lessons
Treat all fairly,give praise, value feelings and opinions
Be reflexive

5. Promoting Equality and Diversity

To ensure that the rights of students to be able to attend, take part and have access to their desired learning regardless of age, race, sex, disability, religion ability or any other individual difference. Diversity is respecting and valuing everyone's difference, not being judgemental. Equality, being free from discrimination, prejudice and other negative attitudes (Equality Act 2010)

6. Boundaries

Knowing what your role as the teacher includes. To work within it, recognising where it stops and points of referral. Know when to ask for help, not taking on too much.

6a Possible boundaries may include:-
Not being over friendly with students
being ethical and fair, giving equal support
Modelling behaviour, good practice
not allowing personal issues to affect professional...

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