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Roles And Responsibilities Of A Teacher

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First and foremost is to identify the students’ needs. I make sure prior to running a course or delivering a session, all the candidates’ application forms, entry requirements are achieved and individual learning plans are analysed. This allows me to identify any specific candidate/student needs prior to me teaching eg dyslexia, dysphasia or need for specialist equipment. This also allows me to identify the best way for me to deliver my tuition. With this in mind I am able to adapt my session by using either more pictures, hand-outs, PowerPoint presentations or practical as required. This also determines the environment I have to work in as well as the resources that are available to me.

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By finding out the learning style of the students/ learners I can create a learning environment where the learner/student is more motivated, as the delivery matches their preferred style. Using a variety of resources can enable improved achievement.

I complete relevant admin thereby ensuring records are up to date in order to evaluate changes to any other forthcoming aims and objectives. One of my main responsibility of the teacher is to continually reassess every students’ development and change during the course and create a unified alteration to ensure smooth delivery.

As students develop better understanding of aims and objectives their needs change and this must be reflected in continual reassessment. It is thereby my responsibility as a teacher to monitor, evaluate and improve the quality and effectiveness of my methods of delivery by taking into account the students’ changing learning needs.

Progressive reflection sheets form the core assessment of the course climaxing in an end of course evaluation. This evaluation allows the student to demonstrate their development of understanding in a meaningful way. Discussion and presentation of a portfolio of lesson plans and evaluation forms provides the...

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