Roles Of Women In The Society

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Roles of Women in the Society
The changing role of women in the society has significantly affected their contribution in various aspects of human life such as family, religion, politics, government and business. Traditionally, their roles were always inferior to that of men in all structures and organs of the society, but this has significantly changed with the current insistence on gender equality and respect for human rights. This essay discusses the role of women in various aspects of the society such as religion, politics, family and leadership and how they should be educated.
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According to Hung, Yoong and Brown, women education should be enhanced through advocating for universal education and advancing legislation in many nations to reduce gender disparities in schooling. The government as well as other educational stakeholders should also invest in efforts geared towards supporting varieties of education programs. This is through the establishment of literacy projects and curricula development that focuses on reproductive as well as sexual health. Educated women should also play a prominent role in promoting efforts geared towards ensuring that more girls are enrolled in school and gender discrimination does not occur in learning institutions. Affirmative action in the education sector is necessary to give more girls access to academic opportunities and enable them attain university education that will enable them study subjects that were initially known to be for men e.g. medicine or engineering.
In the past, society leadership was a preserve of men, with women being viewed as followers and always ranking relatively low in the leadership ladder compared to their male counterparts. However, the current insistence on equal representation has seen women occupying top leadership positions in all sectors. This has led to substantial percentage of women in leadership roles with the number increasing dramatically. This is especially true in management and the professions where women occupy almost half of all jobs. They hold positions of power in governmental, religious and non-profits sectors. The increased number of educated women has ensured that they are equipped with similar leadership skills and technicalities that enable to compete sustainably with their male counterparts. The fact that leadership is no longer a preserve of one gender ensures that the positions of power are awarded to qualified professionals; thus, improving service delivery. Women leadership has not only improved in politics, but also in business. Most of them are...

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