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Roles On Woman In Iliad And Anied

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The roles of women and men have always differed to some extent through out history. In Greeks society women were not allowed to interfere in political or any matter other than their household work. Pride and gender differences play an important role in the Greek culture. Women in Greek Society don't have any rights. The Greeks admired the women who do household work and who stay quiet. Greeks do not like to hear a woman's view or want any woman to speak up in front of them. We acquire many messages from both of the tragedy and we understand the Greeks point of view. In both Greek tragedies Sophocles' Antigone and Euripides' Medea we see that men perceptibly had the upper hand and women were ...view middle of the document...

It is his belief that the world will shatter if a woman is given the power. He thinks that woman should not speak in political matters and those matters are for men to handle. This shows his poor judgment of a woman; his hamartia. He didn't think a woman is capable of doing something good. He didn't listen to Antigone even though I believe she was right, his Hamartia led to a dreadful ending, by so many innocent people dying. Creon's pride was not letting him bend in front of a woman. As we observe in Antigone that Creon belief is that women are inferior to men. He believes that every woman like a good wife should listen to each and every command of her husband. If under any circumstances they go against men, they would be penalized. After reading Sophocles Antigone, we do realize that Creon's action represents a woman's status in the Greek culture. In Greek culture a woman has a timid and an insecure role. Euripides shows Medea as a woman who takes on a role of a man. She is shown with two passions; one is passion for love and another is passion to take revenge. Medea makes her choices based upon her passions. Medea is a woman who can take revenge anytime if something goes against her wishes. She couldn't stand the fact that her husband Jason for whom she left her city has left her and married another woman for wealth and power. For that betrayal she wants to take revenge. She is a depraved and a cunning woman. At the same time she is a clever woman who can make schemes that no one can visualize. She takes revenge and she is so atrocious that she didn't even spare her own children and kills them. Medea presents her own motive in killing her children. She says she loves them but she hates Jason more. Killing her children is the only power that she used to hurt Jason, and hurting Jason was the most significant thing in her life; for Jason swindled her. According to me it is not Medea's fault to start everything, Jason vowed to be with Medea forever but his greed of power made him leave her and children. Medea gives a speech in which she states that the status women have obtained for dishonesty and meandering treatment is because of the society. Women are not that bad, but they are made bad by circumstances, which are impossible to control. She said that a woman suffers a life of insecurity because the men are liberated to divorce their wife whenever they want, thus living the wife with no control on her future. She said that a woman's life is full of pain, first she gives birth to a child with all the pain and then the pain given by her husband. Hearing Medea's speech the chorus considers that men are at fault. The chorus said that its men who are deceitful and men are the ones who cant keep their pledge. Medea's speech obviously tells us about the injustices tolerated by women in ancient time; they didn't have any say in public as well as in private life, and the unfairness of gender roles in old times.Antigone, an immature girl is...

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