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Roles, Responsibilities And Boundaries Essay

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Preparing to teach in the lifelong learning sector

Tutor: Claire Fairclough Student Paul Day

Theory assignment 1

Review what your role, responsibilities and boundaries as a

Teacher would be in terms of the teaching/training cycle

The role, responsibilities and boundaries of a teacher in terms of the teacher/training cycle are to first identify needs by carrying out a literacy and numeracy test which will establish the students learning style and requirements. Also to carry out simple group and individual tests which should establish their visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning styles? ...view middle of the document...

The role also requires the teacher to keep attendance records, assess the learner’s progress as the sessions go along and to teach them to act and speak appropriately, have good values and ethics and behave in a professional manner. It is also the teacher’s role to make the students aware of any useful references required or make them aware of any exhibitions, seminars or agencies that would assist learning and progression in their chosen subject. By motivation, “ either intrinsic (from within) or extrinsic (from without)”… Gravells, A…preparing to teach in the lifelong learning sector…page32, the learners will respond positively.


The responsibilities of a teacher are to make sure that you have the relevant skills required for the subject you intend to teach. To also make sure you have the necessary qualifications, numeric and ICT skills to enable you to pass on your knowledge successfully. Also within these responsibilities it is your duty to maintain discipline but at the same time be approachable and respectful to your students changing needs by continually assessing and reassessing them and monitoring progress until they meet their learning objective. You should also make the students feel comfortable when giving them constructive criticism and to make sure that they are all treated equally and you should always be consistent. It is most important that you get to know your learners individually and be receptive to their needs and learning abilities and to be supportive at all times. The lesson plans you prepare should be understandable and handed out in good time before any lesson. Work handed in by your students should be marked and handed back also on time and it is also important that the work is spellchecked as this could reflect on the learners and your teaching abilities. The attributes and skills of a good teacher are...

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