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Roman Catholic Church Essay

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During the twentieth century, the tensions between the church and national governments occasionally led to absolute suppression of the church, as in the former Soviet Union and Communist Eastern Europe, Mexico, Spain, and China. Mussolini and Hitler also destroyed much of the church as they could. The century was noticeably marked because of the new trends which came into practice and in the case of the outlook of church. The main objective was basically a need for primary readjustment to overcome the problems associated with ethical aspects that were quite important regarding new ways of life and much higher anxiety due to difficult task that needs to be carried out in the church. Then the other movement followed after that was the revival of church by both laity and the clergy.
In Western countries, it was especially very strong. The major issues that were highlighted were latest reforms, the ...view middle of the document...

The huge period of John Paul II provided an international value to the church and it was continued by his predecessors that followed ecumenical trends, but the tradition of church's values on issues such as marriage, abortion, homosexuality, and other doctrinal matters that followed the rules of celibacy and it also stressed the values of Vatican in church government.
The church in the United States started in the twenty first century. The Catholic Church is one of the oldest social structures of the Western world, of noble origin. But the flavour was to the distorting, becoming a non-profit, everyone could say, and business. Their bases, authentic Catholic Christians and with them, near the village priests, understand the function of this vast machinery, firmly reinforced by experiences of centuries. It made it more cunning than the devil. Its transformation would require an inside job and dome linked to these foundations, for centuries have tried will fly along the path of God. There was a need for the arrival of a revolutionary pope. Meanwhile in Venezuela, the Vatican has been reduced little in appearance and shape to a party over the opposition. However, within two trends are discussed, those who see the truth of the Bolivarian revolution, but which do not appear to be encapsulated by the most reactionary and leading through the process now. At this time using their "intelligence" and prepare a new attack on the Bolivarian revolution, to demonstrate to the international and national reaction are still in the game. But internal divisions were weighed and it was necessary to wait for the results. To go down in history know the role the Roman Catholic Church has played against revolutions, whether scientific or social character, which was always more the reactionary side. They will settle here only to quote what their father wrote about the country. Therefore, the role of Roman Catholic Church in the 21st century is quite high. It would be even more vital in the upcoming days. So, this issue will certainly be carrying lot of value in the coming future.

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