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Romantic Essay

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Brandon Bull
Hum 2234 section number 4642
Professor Gaustad
Romantic Essay # 2
The era of Romanticism took place from the late 18th century to the late 19th century. During this period came the industrial revolution along with the imperialism movement especially in France, Britain, and the United States. Fascination with the unknown, fascination with the remote, love of nature, a revolutionary spirit, and art for art’s sake and individualism are just some of the characteristics that define romanticism. Emotions and dynamics, and beauty are what most of the literary works, art works, and musical compositions focused on during this romantic period. Three works that ...view middle of the document...

In these poems he established three key motifs of 19th century romanticism: the redemptive power of nature, the idea of nature’s sympathy with humankind, and the view that one who is close to nature is close to God.
John Constable born in 1776 was England’s leading landscape artist throughout the romantic era. Like Wordsworth he liked to paint old memories and real life events. He worked directly from nature and became best known for his stippling, bits of red and his creation of clouds in the sky. One of his most famous works was “The Haywain” where he captured nature at its finest. In this piece, Constable makes it look like a photograph with just his use of oil paint. It is truly miraculous how talented this man was. He was able to add sublimity to his painting through the lighting in the sky and the beautiful fields and meadows in the distance. He also added a grotesque quality in the sky with his brilliant use of dark shading for some clouds and the murky water in front of the house. He also gave the horses red saddles which draws the eye of the onlooker right towards the center of the painting. He gives his works a relaxing and mellow feeling which is unbelievable in that time period to be able to evoke feelings through use
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of oil paints. He was one of the most phenomenal and influential artists of the romantic era, and will be admired for centuries to come.
Ludwig Van Beethoven born in 1770 was known as one of the greatest composers of all time, maybe only behind Mozart some would say. He bridged between the classical and romantic period but later became known as the “Prophet of the Romantic period” He was the first composer to ever use elaborate codas and have no pauses between movements. One of his best works as a composer was “Symphony No.6 in F Major, op.68.” In this work he added a fifth movement; he imitated nature sounds and made...

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