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Act 3 scene 5 of William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet is a dramatic clash of different perspectives of love and individual freedom. How does Shakespeare use language and dramatic devices to bring out its full dramatic potential?

Romeo and Juliet is a play that deals with love and conflict. No matter how romantic or poetic the play is it still presents the drama of hatred as much as the drama of love. The different views on love and freedom differ sharply and much of the drama comes from the clash of opposing views. Act 3 scene 5 of William Shakespeare’s tragedy of Romeo and Juliet presents the protagonists’ undying love for each other. Lord Capulet’s violent decisions concerning Juliet’s ...view middle of the document...

Thus, it is not only their families who clash against Romeo and Juliet’s undying love, but also nature and time itself. The love is shown by the desperation on Juliet’s part to keep Romeo with her. Romeo responds “I must be gone and live, or stay and die.” Romeo is looking at the situation realistically; as he knows it’s likely he will be killed if he stays, whereas if he goes there is a chance he will see Juliet again. This is a paradox, as Romeo will die if he stays but his love will die if he goes this is a clash of love and freedom as he can’t be free and with the person he loves at the same time, this adds to the drama of the play as it gives a message that you can’t always get what you want and if you love someone you have to make sacrifices.
Love is shown in a different way between Lord Capulet and Juliet. Lord Capulet has shown some interest as he has tried to find Juliet a husband “Have you deliver’d to her our decree?” A decree is an order. Therefore, Lord Capulet thinks that due to the patriarchal society he can order Juliet around to marry whom he likes. Lord Capulet asks Lady Capulet if she has told Juliet about marrying Count Paris. Love is shown because Capulet is showing he cares about Juliet’s future, yet this parental concern is misguided and lacking in empathy. It may be that Capulet’s arranged marriage comes from good intentions of someone who wants to keep his family strong in the wake of his nephew’s death but nevertheless does not consider his daughter’s views or feelings on the matter. However, when Juliet doesn’t accept the offer, as expected to, Capulet goes mad. “Out you green-sickness carrion!” This language is clearly insulting towards Juliet as Capulet is saying she is ‘baggage’ and “Carrion” is rotting flesh, this could suggest that Capulet insinuates Juliet is decay, if she does not marry, in the sense that she will be ‘left on the shelf’. This increases the drama of the clash between father and daughter, as the language here is powerful and emotive. Lord Capulet thinks it’s his job to tell Juliet what to do and what decisions to make, he also sees Juliet’s disobedience as ungrateful. However, Juliet doesn’t want to marry Count Paris and in any case knows that her society and her religion will not allow her to commit bigamy. She thinks it is her right to do what she likes. This causes a clash of perspectives as both Lord Capulet and Juliet are keeping to the rules of the Patriarchal society. This is because Capulet is arranging her marriage as he thinks he is supposed to and Juliet is not accepting because she loves Romeo and because she will not go against her religion and commit bigamy. This increases the drama of the play as Juliet is doing what Capulet would want her to do by not committing bigamy, however she is not wanting to marry Paris which Capulet can’t understand.

Capulet is the leader of the household due to the patriarchal society. This play therefore shows a lack of individual freedom...

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