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Romeo And Juliet By William Shakespeare

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Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare’s tragic love story “Romeo & Juliet” is about two
lovers, separated by their family’s feud. Though they love each other
very much, they cannot be together as their families hate each other.
Romeo and Juliet get married but die soon after that. We know this
because in the prologue it says “From ancient grudge break to new
mutiny”, this means that their dislike of each other started a long
time ago and grew as time went on. The audience is not enlightened as
to why the feud started but it is said in the play that the feud had
died down for a while until it flared up again during the course of
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This has two meanings, it means to push them to the wall with an
attack, but it also has a sexual meaning. This was put in for the
entertainment value for the audiences who went to see Shakespeare
plays. But it also sets a very light-hearted mood which is broken when
Tybalt enters and shows how Tybalt creates tension when he enters. The
two Capulet servants, Sampson and Gregory, are acting like typical
teenagers of the time. They brag a lot, they over exaggerate and they
say they would do things but never do. For example, Sampson says he
would “strike quickly” against a Montague but when Abram and Balthazar
(Montagues) appear, Sampson and Gregory are quite intimidated. For
example, Sampson bites his thumb to Abram and Balthazar behind their
backs, this was an insult back then. But when Abram realises, Sampson
pretends as though he wasn’t doing it to them. But we know Sampson was
doing is to the Montagues because before he does it he says “I will
bite my thumb at them” beforehand. After this, a fight breaks out.
Benvolio enters soon after this fight begins.

Benvolio’s name means “peace keeper” so he would, logically and
calmly, try to stop the fight. He does this because we worries that
this outbreak of violence will cause a riot. He tries to stop the
fight without having to resort to violence and he tells his servants
and the Capulets to “put up your swords”. He also refers to them as
“fools” which proves that he believes fighting is idiotic.

Soon after Benvolio enters, Tybalt makes his entrance. In the version
of the film directed by Baz Luhrman, he enters very slyly and slowly,
much like the cat from which he gets his name. As he enters he sees
Benvolio trying to split up the servants and looks down at Benvolio
for this. I know this as he says “What, art thou drawn among these
heartless hinds?” by saying this he is mocking Benvolio, pretending to
believe that Benvolio is consorting with servants and lowering himself
by fighting with them. Tybalt believes the servants are worthless a he
refers to them as “hinds” this means female deer which shows he has
little, if any, respect for them. The fact that Tybalt came in just as
the fight had really started and the fact that he is enemies with
Benvolio, who is trying to keep the peace, could suggest that he may
cause this street fight to become a riot. This shows that Tybalt
aggravates situations, just by entering, and stops those who try to
calm others down. The audience can tell that Tybalt is not the
peaceful type as he says to Benvolio: “…peace! I hate the word, as I
hate hell, all Montagues, and thee.” From this, we also learn that
Tybalt despise Benvolio and his family. Shakespeare also used
repetition to create tension, he repeated the word “hate” which is a
very strong word. The character of Tybalt could be expressed in...

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