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Ron Clark "The Excellent 11" Chapter 3 Creativity

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Chapter 3: Creativity
This chapter focuses on creativity. Ron Clark believes that teachers and parents need to come up with as many ways as possible to encourage kids to learn or to understand. If many different techniques are tried, then the best solution to helping children learn will be discovered.
Creativity Excites and Inspires
In this section, Ron focuses on reading skills. Each year he tries to do something different to keep the material from getting boring. While reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, a section of the classroom is transformed to look like a scene from the book and they play make-believe together. The students can’t wait to finish the book, because they feel like they’re a part of it.
Using Creativity to Raise Test Scores
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If possible, try to connect the new topic to the one you were covering.
Creative Discipline
This section gives many examples of ways to deal with discipline problems. One example splits the class into groups of four and gives the best behaved group a trophy. The trophy is placed on the desks of the group. The trophy is moved periodically, depending on which group is working the best.
Ron Clark gives some examples of how stickers can be used many different ways as a reward for good behavior, but thinks the best technique for getting long term results involves getting the students to respect the teacher. If the students realize that the teacher truly cares about them, then there will be fewer discipline problems in the classroom.
Finding Creative Ways to Build Unity
When the students feel like they’re a part of the school, they become better students. Fund-raising is one way for the students to work together and build unity. Clark had a raffle because his class needed a new set of encyclopedias. After the class received the encyclopedias, they took care of the books and had a stronger feeling of unity.
Using Creativity to Reach Your Audience
This section talks about doing something different or dramatic to catch the attention of students. Clark has a hard time keeping the attention of a big audience, so he sings a rap song. The rap song is a success and catches everybody’s attention.
Creativity Leads to Respect
The final section of the chapter emphasizes putting a lot of effort into helping the children. People will be impressed by the amount creative effort you put into the lessons and the creative effort will lead to respect for the teacher.

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