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Round Plate Filter Press Essay

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There are many different types of vacuum cleaners and carpet cleaning machines but they all work by using the same principal or idea.  A vacuum is created in a tube or system and air is drawn into the system china filter press
through a filter which catches debris and then the air is diffused from the unit out of an exhaust.
The residential upright vacuum cleaner uses the suction principal combined with a spinning brush at the suction opening which is located on the bottom of the vacuum cleaner.  As the brush, which is commonly known as a beater bar, spins at a high rate of speed this beats the carpet and pushes and debris toward the suction opening.  Once the debris has reached the suction opening air forces the debris into a filter bag which catches the debris but lets the air pass through.  Once the air moves passed the filter bag it is expelled through an exhaust vent usually located on the handle box unit of the vacuum cleaner.  Residential ...view middle of the document...

  These types of vacuums also utilize that latest technologies by using circuit boards to distribute the power to the vacuums two motors only when needed.  On Membrane Filter Press
some newer commercial vacuum cleaners when the suction wand is used the beater brush motor will turn off or divert extra power for suction utilizing the entire motor potential of the vacuum cleaner.
Wet dry vacuums work on the same vacuum suction principal but extra safeguards must be put in place so that water does not come in contact with any electrical components or the motor.  Wet dry vacuum cleaner motors are usually positioned on top of a debris canister and air is drawn in through the hose and up through the motor to an exhaust vent positioned on top.  If water starts to reach the motor at the top of the canister a floating ball will close of the opening into the motor saving the motor from water damage.  All on and off switches and electrical components on wet dry vacuums are sealed to prevent water penetration.
Cyclonic vacuum cleaners use high powered motors to create a vortex in the vacuum which creates Programmed Controlled Automatic Filter Press
suction.  A beater bar pushes debris into the suction tube which is then drawn up into a sealed canister.  Once in the canister the debris is moved toward the outer walls using centrifugal forces.  The debris then slows down and is dropped into the bottom of the canister by utilizing gravity.  Most cyclonic vacuums don't use filter bags but sometimes this can compromise air quality because of escaping dust particles.
These days different types of vacuum cleaners are made for a specific purpose.  It is recommended that you purchase a vacuum that fits it's duties.  If you plan to use your vacuum cleaner multiple hours everyday of the week it is not advisable to buy a residential vacuum cleaner.  You will save money up front but most residential vacuums will probably not hold up over time and you will have to replace it faster.  If wet floors are an issue then your best bet is a wet dry vacuum, most upright dry vacuums can stand some water but it will  effect the performance of your vacuum cleaner over time.

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