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Rsst1 Nation, State, And Nation State Essay

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RSST Task 1

Kayode Bristol
Western Governors University (SST1)

This essay will endeavor to explain the characteristics of the nation-state and transnational entities by first providing modern examples of the following categories: Nation, State, and Nation-state. Initially, the United States with be excluded from examination. However, the United States will be used a model for modern nation-state. Attributes of the United States, such as, fixed territory, sovereignty, and common culture will be explored in order to demonstrate how the United States fits the model of modern Nation-state before briefly describing 2 of the United States’ foreign policy objectives. The European Union, ...view middle of the document...

They are bounded by a common culture and language, Kurdish, and having originated from the same region, they share a common history (Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. , 2012). Recent events have demonstrated the Kurdish people’s affinity for self-government. This, in my opinion is a prerequisite for community. How can a common language, culture, or history be developed or maintained without some form of self-government? People must agree on the rules of the language or the common practices of a culture and in this enforcement resides an inherent, but not entirely formal form of self-government. The affinity for self-government amongst the Kurdish people is another characteristic that defines them as a nation (Dalhman, Renwick, & Bergman, 2011).
Any sovereign community can be considered a state. The bonds that bind a state are geopolitical in nature. People within the same state share a common set law or authority. This common authority is binding for all people within a defined territory, regardless of language, culture, or common history (Dalhman, Renwick, & Bergman, 2011). The Indian state of Goa is a striking example of a state. The state of Goa is one of India’s smallest, but governs a vastly diverse people (Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., 2012). Inhabitants of Goa can trace their origins from faraway places such as Portugal or England, while many others have remained in that small region of India for generations. A multitude of different languages are spoken throughout the region. The people of Goa have different languages, religions, culture, and history, but they are bound a common laws which apply to all of the regions inhabitants.
Nation-state as the name implies is a combination of a nation and state, but it isn’t quite that simple. The inhabitants of a nation-state share a common identity and sense of community as members of the nation-state. The common identity additionally reinforced by the rule of law or authority that common over the entirety of its geographical region. Kurdistan is a simple example of a nation-state. Kurdistan is a geographically bound sovereign region. The laws apply to all inhabitants of the region. Clearly Kurdistan is a state. The people of Kurdistan are almost entirely Kurdish. They share a common culture, history, and even language (Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. , 2012). As was demonstrated earlier, they are representative of a nation. But, there is something more, the common identity of the inhabitants of Kurdistan does not end at being members of a Kurdish people, they are also citizens and residents of Kurdistan and share a national identity and culture which specifically corresponds to the geopolitical boundaries of Kurdistan. This shared identity is unique to the people of Kurdistan and is not shared amongst Kurds in general. It is this overlap of national identity and state sovereignty which defines a nation-state.
The United States of America is an example of a nation-state and one that we will explore in more...

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