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'rule By Institutions' Is The Name Of The Essay And Its An Essay On Institutions That The Directors In Aldous Huxley's 'brave New World' Used To Control Citiznes

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Rule By Institutions The world is made up of many institutions. The family, religion, and education are structures that our world is built around. These institutions influence our behavior and how we interact with each other. In Aldous Huxley's novel Brave New World, the directors realized the advantages of the institutional structures of the old world and used them to help control the clones of the Brave New World. The directors liked the idea of the church, but since the Brave New World society has only idols, the institution had to be modified. The church was morphed into the Solidarity Service. The church is used as a bridge to the mystical level; however, the solidarity service keeps the clones on the temporal ...view middle of the document...

Having a relationship with someone special brings more emotions than just love. It also brings emotions like jealousy and pain. Relationships intensify emotions and produce free will decisions, which the directors of the Brave New World strongly oppose. To fix this problem, the clones were programmed to be promiscuous, having multiple sexual partners, instead of being monogamous. In this scenario all the pleasures of sex are still present, without all those nasty emotional side affects. "The Perfect Clone" Fanny is the best example of this trait, because she reprimands Lenina for seeing too much of Henry Foster and not enough of everyone else (43). The way that drugs are able to alter the state of mind piqued the interest of directors of the Brave New World. When they were searching for methods of controlling strong emotions within the clones, the directors turned to a drug. A new drug called soma was created that induces a "dream-like" state that helps the clones to forget about their troubles and emotions. In the novel, every time Bernard Marx becomes emotional someone tries to persuade him to use soma, but he refuses to almost always (54-55). On the other extreme, Linda, John Savage's mother, wants to forget about her time in the reservation so badly that she overdoses on soma (206). By realizing the advantages of the structural institutions of the old world, the directors were able to use them to help control the clones of the Brave New World. The influences that the old world institutions have on how people interact was appealing. The old world and the Brave New World are built around institutions like family, education, and religion or institutions modeled from them.

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