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Running Wild ,Essay About The Novel Hiroshima

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Essay About the Novel HiroshimaWelcome to the nuclear age. Temperature are hotter than the surface of the sun. Light is blinding. Air pressure is deadly. Radiation is lethal.The experiences of six people that survived the planets first nuclear explosion are reported to us in Hiroshima by John Hershey. The book begins by describing the situation of the six individuals just before and at the moment of the explosion that changed history.The book first introduces Miss. Sasaki, a tin factory secretary, who had just turned to say something to her friend. Next, Dr. Masakazu Fugii, a doctor at a private hospital, was about the sit on his porch and read the daily newspaper. Then, Mrs. Hatsuyo ...view middle of the document...

The scope of destruction was enormous. It looked like an apocalypse. Everything near the centre of were the bomb dropped was totally obliterated. Buildings turned to rubble. People turned to ash. It was chaotic. The survivors were running mad along the streets in a fog of radiation. Some suffered burn marks, some severed limbs, others, who unfortunately stood outside when the bomb dropped, were permanently burned to the sides of buildings and roasted like an insect on a bed of lava. Nothing was left but the cries of the survivors. Civilizations just came crashing over HiroshimaThe scope of the moral destruction was also unprecedented. It was very obvious that the bomb was in the wrong hands. Just like the Emperor and the flying machine, he was afraid not of what the man who invented the flying machine, but the people who could get their hands on it. IT is very odd that at the same time the bomb dropped on Hiroshima, so did the television on the Western world. Television is an evil in itself. It tries to make us...

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