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Sacrifice: Purifying Thy Soul And Obnoxious Public Drama

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Sacrifice... A widely phrased word, commonly used with relationships, lives and other heavy lively matters. Sometimes sacrifice is all one can make to achieve something very precious and sometimes this sacrifice is the reason why others find that particular person somehow...Weak!

Well, That is not the point of today's blog.

In Muslim community sacrifice is a very important matter to be obliged largely everywhere (wherever Muslims are present). From the history of sacrifice among Muslims it is found that, H. Ibrahim (A.) has been ordered by the almighty to prove his devotion by sacrificing his most valuable possession. He was unable to find anything rather his one and only son H. Ismail (A.). So he decided to sacrifice him with heavy heart just to prove his god that his devotion is real and he has pure trust in all his creator's creations. The ...view middle of the document...

Every human has their inner beast, the beast that hurt others, breaks hearts, kills humanity, murders love and blinds heart to see the hope. That beast is in need to be tamed and tamed hard. Its better to kill it rather. This sacrifice in a sense is done to kill one's inner beast and remind us that we are human. Being human is a very fragile and sensitive job. It can end at any time, any moment. So be the best not the beast.

Before we were this much urbanized, our life was simple (in a sense). We used to raise cattle, grow our own food , weave our cloths and sometimes sell them for other needs. Having feelings for animal that was raised with own hands was a normal. Gradually everything changed to now where we call it Modern Civilization, era of capitalism, urban revolution, and with other adjectives. Now we produce and raise children, sometimes cats,dogs,birds, and others as pet, we earn money and money only. Value of life, beliefs, relationships, feelings and emotions has reached its weakest points that we have got a strong veil on our eyes. We certainly cannot see the beauty of anything anymore without subtitles. It is sad but true.

25th September 2015, was the 1st day of sacrifice, 11th day of Zilhajj. A day certainly of purifying thy soul by sacrificing one's inner beast in the shape of an animal that one could afford with whole heart and purest will. What I have seen the whole is completely opposite to the actual theme. The sacrificial animal is now a corporate product, it is a symbol of aristocracy, animals are bought to be made fun, pictures and videos shot to show how much the animals suffering has caused unearthly joy to the person who sacrificed.

I have never felt sad to my race, never judged people around because everyone has a reason to be what they are but this has gone too far. Have we really sacrificed the beast and purified our soul or we just created an obnoxiously ill public drama on the world wide social networking site to show " Look how pathetic is the new generation of Bangladesh" ???

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