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A key to a successful product is having a great marketing plan in addition to a great product where customers can relate and use the product to better their life. Tragedies and accidents have increased from year-to-year due to texting and driving and we need to put a stop to this! Our group has decided to invent a phone application that will prevent texting and driving from young teens to adults. This application will be marketed to parents with teen drivers, insurance companies, and businesses like UPS, FedEx, etc.
The application will be called “Safe Driving” and it will be available on all Apple and Android markets. This application will be downloaded on the drivers phone to ensure ...view middle of the document...

There are several apps that will cut off the keyboard when the GPS shows the phone moving over a certain speed. However, this requires parents to know about, download and install, and manage these applications – usually for their children who are smarter and more adept at turning these features off than they are.
Now, imagine the new iPhone or an Android phone with a built-in, parental-locked, no-texting feature on the phone. Upon setup, parents lock the phone when it is traveling over a certain speed – the phone can even put an “I’m driving” auto-reply to all texts coming in. Parents would flock to purchase a safe phone for their kids – even paying extra for these features. We have kids in helmets to cross the streets these days. Parents will pay. It would be a marketing win – the saving-our-teenage-drivers “Safe Driving Application.” The goodwill generated would only be matched by the revenue made from this app.
The statistics for the number of deaths and life-altering accidents for our younger drivers are staggering. Texting while driving causes 11 teen deaths everyday. That is 11 families, schools, and communities that are forever missing children, classmates, teammates, and that great kid next door because they took that 5 seconds it takes to text that they were running late, or whatever not-so-important message they sent. Additionally texting:
• Causes 25% of all accidents, totally 1.6M per year (Nat’l Safety Council)
• Causes 330,000 injuries per year (Harvard Center for Risk Analysis Study)
• Is 6X more dangerous than driving while intoxicated (NHTSB)
• Is still legal in 11 states to text while driving; only 10 fully prohibit cell phones while driving
• Is not a teen-only problem with 47% of adults admitting to texting while driving (Washington Post, May 2012)
As smartphones and tablets become present everywhere, multi-tasking behind the wheel has been gaining notice as a grown-up workplace danger rather than the sole province of reckless, texting adolescents. Along with the risks to life and limb, the trend carries significant financial perils for employers.
A worker who causes an accident while reading e-mail or texting on the job...

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