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Types of abuse :
* Physical abuse
* Psychological/emotional abuse
* Financial abuse
* Neglect
* Discrimination
* Sexual abuse
* Institutional abuse
Physical abuse: This occurs when injuries are inflicted, or the health and development of the person is severely impaired. Examples: when a person is given too much medication causing drowsiness or someone hits/slaps another person.
Psychological /emotional abuse: When there is a denial of a person’s basic right such as not being given choices, their opinion not being heard or they are not given any privacy . Where the person is over- protected and kept back ,not enabling someone live a normal life as ...view middle of the document...

Example : When a person is touch inappropriately, e. g. on the breast /legs, or has to watch pornography when they are unhappy about it etc. etc .
Institutional:Servise users/patients being treated as a group not as individuals, for example, all service users/patient being toileted at the same time, all going to bed and getting up at the same time – no choices is being given re these times. Routines are rigid and inflexible . Everyday is exactly the same day as the previous day- there is no difference. They begin to become resigned to the situation that this is their lot and there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

Indicators for the various types of abuse

Physical Abuse :
* If the explanation/story given is not consistent with the injuries
* Different types or bruising and in various states of healing, often non-visible areas
* Multiple bruising and fractures not consistent with a fall
* Bruised eyes, slap-marks, kick marks etc
* Burns, not consistent with scorching by direct heat
* Over feeding
* Use of equipment/furniture to restrict movement/mobility
* Medication misuse –over or under use of medication
* Laclk of personal care , such as inadequate/inappropriate clothing ,inadequate heating .
Sexual abuse :
* Touching with sexual intent anywhere on the body
* Penetration of mouth , vulva or anus by a finger , penis or object
* Looking at part of the body, sexual acts or other materials in a way
* which is sexually arousing for the abuser
* Leering, taking pornographic photographs
* Signs of depression, stress
* Clothing or underclothing is torn and or stained with blood
* Pain ,bruising on inner thighs, bleeding in genital region
* Severe upset or agitation when the person is being bathed, dressed, undressed or medically examined( or when these things are suggested).
Psychological/emotional abuse:
* Be alert to changes in behaviours such as becoming fearful/anxious- i.e. fearful af care giver and avoid looking at them, may flinch on approach, be defensive, stressed
* Threats intimidation, humiliation ,bullying, shouting
* Threats to put the person away
* Few visitors ,phone calls ,or outings
* Name calling, insulting, withholding affection
* Inflicting punishment for being incontinent
* Promises not kept
* Locking the person in their own room/home
Financial abuse:
* Recent changes of deeds or title of house
* Person lacks belongings or services, which they could clearly afford
* Unusual/inappropriate bank account activity
* Carer only interested in asking financial question and not about the care of the person
* Person managing financial affairs is evasive or uncooperative.
Discrimination abuse:
* Where a person’s choices/needs are based on their race, gender, age, disability etc. and not on their ability. Other signs of discriminatory abuse may be similar to...

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