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Safeguarding In Health & Social Care

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ICON College of Technology and Management
Department of Health and Social Care

BTEC HND in Health and Social Care

Safeguarding in Health & Social Care

Tutor: DR Taghi Doostgharin

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ID No: 09098

Session: June 2016

Task 1
The issue of abuse is an old re-occurring issue which is becoming rampant in the health and social care sector, and the rate is increasing day by day. Some particular group of people or individuals experience it more than others.
Adults are vulnerable to abuse. The Department of Health classified an Adult abuse to anyone who is above 18 ...view middle of the document...

Safeguarding is all about identifying that an individual or group of individuals is been abused or is exposed to the risk of abuse, and when this is found or identified, a necessary action is been taken, by notifying the right authority like Mary notified the Social Services in the case study given. Safeguarding should be done by everyone, either healthcare workers or family of the victims.
The national governmental agency are trying to reduce all manner of abuse and have therefore set up different national legislation and policies to help safeguard the vulnerable adults from abuse and neglect, Mckibbin et al (2008). The following are examples of safeguarding legislations developed to reduce or eradicate elderly abuse; The Care Standard Act 2014, Confidentiality policy, Whistle Blow Policy, Complaint Procedure Policy, Physical Intervention Policy.


There are many factors that can cause situations that will bring about abuse, with reference to Bennett and Kingston, 1993 & Biegel and Blum, 1990, they have explained;
High Dependency as a risk factor to abuse, this this when an individual depends on his /her family or care worker, this is caused by mental incapacity.
Older Age – when one become older, he or she will become physically weak to do things for herself e.g. cannot do shopping for herself, cannot visit the bank, does etc.
Low Esteem – The fact that one now depends on another to receive care causes low esteem and therefore this might aggravates types of abuse
Negative Experience – If previously one has reported an abuse before and it was not handled properly to the favour of the victim, the victim might not be encouraged to report further or future abuse and this will lead to more abuse.
Isolation – if a vulnerable adult is isolated from family or has no social services intervention, there is a risk that the care worker will not give appropriate care to that vulnerable individual.
Incompetency of Care giver – if the care giver lacks experience or is not up to date with legislations and training, the service users of that carer is of high risk to abuse.
Shortage of Staff – When the service users are more than what the carers can handle, the clients will definitely not get complete care, and will face abuse.
Female Gender – According to research and survey, women and ladies are recorded to be abused more than male. So therefore a female is at risk of abuse in care homes or in their various homes.
The Department of Health for England and Wales has given a precaution measure to help protect service users form abuse, the measures are as follows; to empower service users, to protect them at all times, to prevent them from harm which explains that harm should be predicted and avoided, To be proportionate to risk, to always work in partnership with client’s local social services and lastly to be transparent with the care given to service users while taking responsibilities/accountability.



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