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Safety Risks Of Cell Phones And Driving

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Many find that banning the entire use of the cell phone while driving ridiculous though, and say that it impedes upon their civil rights as U.S. citizens. They also say that talking on the cell phone while driving is just the same as having a conversation with a passenger in their car and that the government will not ban people from having passengers in their cars so why should they ban talking on cell phones while driving. They also state that just because the laws are there it doesn’t prove anyone will follow them so why put them in place and stated that certain laws were put into place to prohibit driving while intoxicated and mandatory use of seatbelts while driving and yet, many do ...view middle of the document...

The majority of people, about ninety percent, believe that only texting while driving should be banned. Robert Petrancosta states “that there are three basic types of distractions: visual, manual, and cognitive and says that while all driving distractions carry some risk. Texting is the most dangerous because it involves all three types” (USA TODAY, 2010). Many people realize the dangers of texting and driving but confess they still do it anyways. A telephone survey that was done by Nationwide Insurance stated “eighteen percent of people who used cell phones sent or read text messages while driving and if they were thirty or younger the number jumped to forty percent” (IIHS, 2010). A study that was done by CTIA, the Wireless Association, shows just how much people used to text per minute compared to recent figures of today and the results are astounding. “In 2000, there were 319 texts sent per minute, in 2005- 223,595 texts were sent per minute and in 2008, there was 2,509,750 texts sent per minute” (National Safety Council, 2010). People are texting more now than ever before due to new technological gadgets that make it easy for people to stay connected to one another, even if it means risking their lives and others. Such as Robert Sanchez, an engineer, who lost his life and several others, was texting while on duty causing 24 people to die and more than 100 were seriously injured in a terrible train collision. Officials say “the accident is a terrible reminder of why texting and driving don’t mix” (Gadgetell, 2008). Experts say that having a cell phone ring is like gambling to most people. They cannot resist the urge to answer an incoming call or text. The unknown as to whether it is something good or bad pushes most people to answer their phones while driving even though they know the risk involved.

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Janet Froescher, President and CEO of the National Safety Council, states “we know now that at least 1.6 million crashes are caused by drivers using cell phones and texting” and “that cell phone use is a very risky and texting is an even higher risk” and goes on to say “we now know that cell phone use causes many more...

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