Salem Witch Trails Essay

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Salem witch trials
This research paper is to show the events of the Salem witch trail of 1692 and how it affected American literature. Authors who were inspired to tell the story have written multiple books. The authors wrote about how the resident turned on each other to get what they wanted, and the strict supersticous religious practice they followed. And to tell the personal conflicts that had existed throughout the community.
The Salem witch trail began in February 1692 due to a group of teenage girls playing fortune-telling game to see whom their future husband would be. They were caught in the act of fortunetelling game witch is not acceptable in there puritan society. After ...view middle of the document...

Martha Corey, Rebecca Nurse, Dorthy Good, and Rachel Clinton were the women accused of witchcraft.
Although the afflicted girls were the main accusers during the trials, many historians believe the girl’s parents, particularly Thomas Putnam[->0] and Samuel Parris, were egging the girls on and encouraging them to accuse specific people in the community that they didn’t like in an act of revenge.
In April more men and women were accused of witchcraft the total number of people accused was twenty-one. The following people were accused of witchcraft Mary English, Sarah Cloyce, Elizabeth Proctor, John Proctor, Giles Corey, Abigail Hobbs, Mary E astey, Deliverance Hobbs, William Hobbs, Mary Warren, Bridget Bishop, Phillip English, Sarah Wilds, Nehemiah Abbott Jr., Bishop, Sarah Bishop, Reverend George Burroughs, Lydia Dustin, Susannah Martin, Dorcas Hoar and Sarah Morey. In May the court had grown they had to set up a special court that court had eight judges. The Number of people being accused of witchcraft still grew and by June the number of people accused had reached over two hundred people. In July five people were hung and were charged with guilty of witchcraft.
One of the five people who was hung was first found innocent, they had originally had found Rebecca nurse not guilty. Later the girls that had accused her started throwing fits and the verdict was later changed to guilty. Due to the girls throwing temper tantrums Rebecca nurse had to pay with her life she was exuded. The people of Salem started to question if the trails were Fair. Not everyone in the town of Salem had believed that there were witches some people of the town just thought of the girls finding a way to get what they want. Another important event in the trails was the public death and torture of Giles Corey. After he was convicted he knew that his large estate would be confiscated and not passed on to his kids. So he refused to enter a plea the back in that time period they could torture until they received their prisoners plea.
English law at the time dictated that anyone who refused to enter a plea could be tortured in an attempt to force a plea out of them. This legal tactic was known as “peine forte et dure” which means “until he either answered or died.” The torture consisted of laying the prisoner on the ground, naked, with a board placed on top of him Heavy stones were loaded onto the board and the weight was gradually increased until the prison either entered a plea or died.
Due to the gruesome death of Giles more people of Salem started to oppose the witch trails. As the trail continued and more...

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