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Under the marketing research, customers and their needs and wants are main foci because marketing is all about individuals involving in it and is exchange process. It is social phenomenon that creates awareness among the customers about the products and services according to the needs and wants of customers (Kotler, 1995). The main motive of marketing research is ...view middle of the document...

The internal customers interact with the external customers mostly during the process of delivering service to them and contribute to the company's success by help in marketing to the external customers during such interaction.
Needs and wants of customers: in general needs and wants are considered as same phenomenon but here is different among them. Need is that a person can’t survive without it and want can be the will to achieve beyond the basic needs like food, shelter and clothes. The will to achieve the luxury things is a best suitable example for the want. Maslow describes the basic five types of needs: physiological needs, safety needs, social needs, esteem needs and self-actualization needs.
Market research is a main part of business strategy and focus on the various areas related to market but most important is customer area. It consists of collection of data, analysis and finding to a particular research question (Kotler, 2010).
The marketing research can be of various types based on certain criteria (See appendix 1) but main are of two; one is qualitative and other is quantitative. Quantitative research and quantitative research show certain fundamental differences. Quantitative research is based on the numbers or arithmetic data, which is based on the significance of numbers. There are various methods like statistical techniques and tabulation of data or diagram presentation to standardized and analyse the data.
On the other side, qualitative data is based on the observations of words, symbols and artificial facts. The qualitative research is not consistent and before analysis the data or observations all the data have to be classified in the grouping on the theoretical basis (Saunders, 2007). When dealing with the large representative sample, quantitative research method best fits (Schlau, 2003).
To examine the characteristics of the consumers, their behaviours and attitudes, quantitative method will be the best method as compared to the qualitative method.
Quantitative method is considered as scientific method because it is based on the rules and regulation and some models and theories, so that it can produce the accurate data that can be presented in the form of graphs, charts and tables and results. So it has become the corn stone for the marketing research. Qualitative research is not based on the numbers or quantifiable data as compared the qualitative research (Presser, 2004). It must be noted that all above discussion does not conclude that quantitative method is accurate instead of qualitative; it depends upon the requirements and objectives of the study (Parasuraman, 1991). All research methods has always some merits and demerits. The information or data produced by qualitative will be subjective and it need more and deep attention to analyse it and to interpret it that may fit or not according to the research question (Oburai, 2005). Qualitative data is also more time consuming and even cannot be coded because...

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