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Sales Management Essay

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1. Based on your understanding of the case, rate JetBlue on each of the SERVQUAL attributes before the ice storm.

The fact that JetBlue’s revenues had quadrupled by the end of year 2004 and it jumped to the 11th place revenue passenger miles generated with fewer than many of its competitors, shows that JetBlue has given its costumers what was promised. JetBlue began flying in February 2000, so in four years they made a great effort, this also shows that the company was dependable and that the costumers were happy to fly with JetBlue.
Neelman, the founder of JetBlue was very connected with his employees and his costumers, which made it easier for the customers to feel safe flying with JetBlue.
“He traveled frequently on JetBlue flights, working alongside employees, talking ...view middle of the document...

JetBlue has won dozens of top awards for its performance and the second-lowest rate of customer complaints among the 10 largest U.S. airlines. Also, as previously mentioned Neelman was very involved with his employees and his customers asking them about their experiences,
After the company’s big loss of $20 million in the end 2005, Neeleman and Barger discussed a plan for recovery, which was very effective since their revenues rose 39 percent in 2006, to $2.36 billion.

2. What mistakes did JetBlue management make during the icestorm?

JetBlue management did not take action when there were signs of a storm to hit the day before. Also, they waited for almost three hours to call for assistance (Port Authority of New York and New Jersey) and the employees didn’t give their customers any answers or try to make them comfortable while the storm passes. Moreover, Neelman didn’t seem to take responsibility for what happened and when he asked to meet with the blogger who got stuck on the plane on Valentine’s Day, he was rude to her.

3. How could JetBlue management have prepared better for an event like this?

First of all, JetBlue management should have had their employees trained for crisis like this. Secondly, the management should have canceled the flights sooner and reschedule once the weather was cleared.

4. How do you think that passengers would rate JetBlue after the incident on each of the Servqual attributes?

The passengers will have to think twice before flying with JetBlue during bad weather days.
After the incident of Neelman’s visit with the blogger, passengers won’t feel safe to travel with JetBlue. However, the fact that JetBlue’s employees kept defending the company and one member actually wrote on the blog shows how loyal they are to the company.
Customers will have hard time adapting and trusting JetBlue after this big incident.

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