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Sam Raimi has a very collective résumé, from his most notable and recent films from The Spider-man trilogy to the cult horror classics of The Evil Dead series. Throughout his career, Raimi has developed a style and presence of his own, earning him the right to belong in the category of auteur criticism. Auteur criticism is simply put as when the director has a signature style that he or she brings to the movie upon filming. Raimi’s fascination with films started as he was a child, when his father would use the family video camera to make short films. Seeing how his father was able to manipulate time and space through the use of a camera, Raimi had found his calling (Warren 12). Once ...view middle of the document...

With the preacher and Herod in the final stage of the competition, The Lady is able to blow up parts of the town through the use of dynamite and eventually kills Herod. Achieving her revenge, she gives the preacher her father’s Marshall Badge, leaving the town knowing it is in the hands of someone good.
Auteur criticism is a type of film criticisms that attempts to understand a film through its stylistic approaches that can be seen in the director’s other movies. Sam Raimi obviously has his own style and approaches to film making, most of which can be seen in his work with The Evil Dead series. Although most famous for making dark movies, one of Raimi’s most signature styles is to incorporate some time of humor within his films. As Evil Dead (1981) was supposed to be one of the most gruesome films of its time, Raimi could not help but to include moments of humor. Even his most recent horror film, Drag Me to Hell (2009), included many scenes that were over the top and overdramatic, which were used to ease the tension of a gruesome horror film. One thing that is in all of Sam Raimi’s movies, questionably besides one is his inclusion of his 1973 yellow Oldsmobile (Warren 56). As seen as Bruce Campbell’s car in The Evil Dead and Uncle Ben’s automobile in Spiderman, this car is arguably seen in every film. The reason it I arguably seen is due to The Quick and the Dead (1995), as it is taken place in the 1880’s. However, Bruce Campbell, one of Raimi’s heavily used actors, stated that the chassis is used as a wagon in the movie (Egan 23). Although horror movies are Sam Raimi’s bread and butter, The Quick and the Dead also featured many narrative and formal characteristics that can be seen in most of Sam Raimi’s films. Being out of his element by creating a western, Sam Raimi is still able to use his signature styles when making the film. Within The Quick and the Dead, three formal and narrative characteristics made famous by Raimi are still present: the use of snap-zooms, dutch angles, and humor.
One formal characteristic that is heavily used by Raimi throughout his films is the use of the snap-zoom. The snap-zoom is when the director quickly zooms in at an exaggerated speed. Raimi uses this type of zoom to create a high tension within the film. This type of zoom can be specifically be seen in The Quick and the Dead, when the preacher, Cort has his gunfight with Spotted Horse, a Sioux gunfighter who claims that no bullet can kill him. As the two standoff, Raimi uses a series of snap-zooms, ensuring that a high tension will build. The first snap-zoom occurs as the camera zooms close to Cort’s face, then immediately after the same zoom using the same distance is used on Spotted Horse. Each time the camera focuses on the other, getting a closer and closer zoom each time. As the zoom increases, so does the speed between cuts. This occurs until the camera is zoomed all the way on the character eyes, when a third shot is entered...

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