Same Sex Marriages Should Be Legal

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Same Sex Marriages Should be Legal

Flowers, candles, and music are all part of a wedding. As the organist plays "Here Comes the Bride," I notice this is where the similarities end. The bride, who is a woman, is marrying a groom, who is also a woman. Single-sex marriages are only allowed in a few states. However, single-sex marriages should become legal so that couples could enjoy the advantages of marriage. Legalizing single-sex marriage would create more family units and create more tolerance from society, allowing single-sex couples a legal way of expressing their love to each other.

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Although maybe not the perfect family by societal expectations, which is a man and a woman, a same-sex couple would form a family unit. Therefore, the children would be loved and nurtured by two adults instead of one adult who is usually stressed out trying to be the sole provider. Tina, a single parent of two children, fell in love with Belinda in 1987. Belinda and Tina moved in together and raised Tina's children until the children left for college. The children, Dusty and Summer, received twice the amount of love than if Tina had remained alone. Also Dusty and Summer grew up watching the interactions of two adults. A unique family unit is created by two people of the same sex living together; however, many more children could benefit from the increase in family units if these same-sex marriages were allowed. While creating family units, same-sex marriage would also decrease the freedom of going from one relationship to another relationship by forming these units.

Finally, what is the foundation of all marriages? It is what we humans call love. Love is the reason we create that one monogamous relationship. Love is the reason we want to raise a family together. Love is the reason marriage exists at all. Sheila and Annette, my friends I spoke of earlier, have been together for twenty-five years now. If they were allowed to be married, society would be throwing this couple a silver anniversary celebration. Instead, Sheila's and Annette's relationship is not even recognized by society. If same-sex marriages were...

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