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Same Sex Relationships Essay

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Gender Roles in Today’s society
There seems to be a never ending debate about same-sex relationships. Typically the acceptance of this idea can go one way or another. In Stephan Mays’ article, “What about Gender Roles in Same-Sex relationships” he states that right away that “imposing gender roles on gay couples is even more ridiculous than doing so with a straight couple” (Mays 718). In this short article Mays talks mostly about traditional gender roles that society has drilled into our heads; gender roles such as men are tall and women are petite and thin, men can only play masculine sports and woman should not, and my personal favorite, men earn all the money and the woman stay at home ...view middle of the document...

May’s also explains that in today’s society there are very few characteristics a person can possess that make them gender-neutral, which is a problem. “Neither sexual preferences in the bedroom nor our daily characteristics have any effect on that biology” (Mays 719) this quote from his article is a prime example of his many ways to show that men are men and women are women despite their sexual orientation.
Stephan Mays shows pathos in this article by implying the right emotion to his audience. He talks about others judging people by their sexual orientation and gender roles in relationships in a very sensitive, non-offensive way. This topic is a hard topic to write about because the way you word it could make or break your argument or easily offend someone. Word articulation is especially important while talking about this topic and he was very careful about the way it was written, which is why his article was so outstanding. Not only is Mays’ tone in this article serious he also implies that we, as a society, need to strive to stop assuming that couples in same sex relationships must take up stereotypes, gender roles, or even strive for a nuclear family. Since these same sex relationships don’t have a man and woman, they do not necessarily need to fill these stereotypical roles. As previously stated, he talks about how there should not be a “man in the relationship” or “woman in the relationship”. Mays wants everyone to be viewed by their gender, not their sexual orientation. By doing so, he talks about this sensitive subject in a great manner and gets to the point very quickly. As previously stated, he talks about overhearing two girls talking about a gay couple then states “I couldn’t help but frown at the girl and shake my head” (Mays 718). That sentence impeccably describes his attitude and tone throughout the paper; it is something to take seriously and should not be joked about in any manner. This creates the right amount of emotion to tug at the reader’s heart strings.
Logos is deeply represented throughout this article. I believe this article is opinion based but despite that is still one of the most well written articles. Throughout this article you don’t feel like his opinions are repetitive and overused; you become overcome with the feeling that something needs to change and that maybe you can help be that change and help people in same-sex relationships’ feel more comfortable day in and day out. May’s says...

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