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Same Sex Schools Essay

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Advantages of Single Gender Education
Same-sex education is the practice of conducting an environment where the two genders are separated into different schools and classrooms. This educational environment is being practiced all around the world for many different reasons. One of the most important reasons for same-gender school was due to their religions. In 1995, there were only a few schools offered single-sex education in the United States. According to National Association for Single Sex Public Education however, there are at least 253 schools that offer this educational environment as of November 2006 (2006). Most of these are COED public schools that offer single-sex ...view middle of the document...

In Vail’s article, Same-Sex Schools May Still Get a Chance, she states: “Proponents say it eliminates the distraction of the opposite sex and allows teachers to accommodate boys’ and girls’ supposedly different learning styles…the students are more focused on what’s going on” (Vail, 2002, p.2). The use of single-gender environment can improve our future outcomes for many students. Instead of worrying about impressing the opposite gender by spending their time on their attractiveness, students can spend more time on their studies and focus on other productive things (Vail, 2002). Recent studies have revealed that alleviating these distractions may help them students to do a better ob of learning (Vail, 2002). Also, students’ standardized test scores seem to be higher in this environment than the other educational systems throughout the United States.
Another beneficial point of single-sex school is how it can reduce problems between the sexes. One of the biggest concerns in high schools is that many problems occur between the two genders. For example, there are cases of rape, sexual harassment, and violence caused by the opposite sex (NASSPE, 2006). Single-sex schools may eliminate these problems through its educational system. Recent studies have shown that high school students are more likely to score more favorably on the measures of behavioral problems that occur during school (Glasser, 2005). Since boys can learn to cooperate in a single gender environment, they may eliminate some of the conflicts among themselves. Students of both sexes may concentrate better on their productiveness rather than concentrating on some of the sexual stereotyped behaviors.
Lastly, single-gender education can create an environment which provides better opportunities for students. Many students of both sexes can be benefited from many new opportunities that are created by the same-gender...

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