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1 Creating an Outline An outline helps you arrange the order of ideas in a paper. Many students eliminate outlining in the writing process as an unnecessary step. However, writing an essay without an outline can create disjointed results. An outline provides a roadmap so that the essay can move smoothly from point A to point B to point C. Without an outline, the essay could easily become disorganized, e.g., A, B, A, C, B. This can confuse readers because the points of the essay are not arranged in correct sequence. Use the following suggestions to create an effective outline. Creating Correct Formatting The following information will help you format an outline correctly:   Include at least ...view middle of the document...

After the Generator creates your thesis, use the following steps to create an outline: 1. Click on the button marked Generate an Outline in the lower right corner, and a draft outline will appear. 2. Retype the outline from the Generator into a Word document or use the print option on the bottom right corner to print the outline (the outline will not copy and paste easily into a Word document) before clicking the next button because the Generator does not save the outline.

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2 3. Refine the outline by filling in other appropriate details to make it more precise. Remember that the more specific you make the outline, the easier it will be to write the paper. Writing the Outline without the Thesis Generator Use your brainstorming notes and the following steps to create an outline for your essay without using the Thesis Generator. Please read steps 1 through 4 before beginning your outline. 1. Type each of the major elements of the thesis sentence into a document using Roman numerals (I, II, III, etc.). Appropriate information can then be placed in the outline as listed below. 2. Insert capital letters under each major element and write the main ideas of the essay: I. A., then I. B., etc. 3. Add numbers under each letter to insert additional details: A. 1., A. 2., etc. 4. Include any supplementary material in lower case letters under each number: a., b., etc. See the sample outline under II. F. Social Change 1. Paulo Freire and 2. John Dewey to see an example...

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