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Sample Resume Essay

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Highly motivated professional seeking a challenging position that will utilize my knowledge, experience, and skills to enhance the structure and growth of an organization’s mission.


 Security Clearance, Security Investigation eligibility - June 2012
 Class Driver License (CDL) – Class A
 Certified in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation ...view middle of the document...

 Monitor student records and programs, and provide recommendations to increase efficiency and better aid the needs of the students.
 Provide computer training for students, and prepare administrative test used to evaluate the goals and objectives of the class curriculum.
 Assist in the evaluation of student strengths and weakness, and contribute in the development of strategies to achieve learning goals.
 Monitor student attendance and recreational periods.
 Observe student behavior patterns and report concerns or abnormalities to authorities as needed.

Assistant Teacher August 2005 – June 2012
Lewis & Clark Elementary School
18 Work Blvd.
Rutherland, VA 22222

 Implemented standardized teaching procedures and programs, and monitored student progress.
 Served as liaison between parents/guardians and staff for various correspondences.
 Researched information from files and system records, and when necessary prepared written correspondence to inform parents/guardians of concerns.
 Analyzed student strengths and weakness, and contributed in the development of strategies to achieve learning goals.

Summer Program Instructor (Youth College) June 2008 - August 2008
Northern Virginia Community
10 Nabisco Road
Woodbridge, VA 222222


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