Samsung Electronics: Global Marketing Operation Essay

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I. Problem
Samsung is trying to create a corporate marketing strategy that will effectively catapult the brand to the forefront of the global electronics industry. The goal is to surpass Sony and to become a premium global brand where consumers consistently view Samsung as a must-have valuable brand.

II. Alternatives/Recommendations
i. Advertising Campaign. It is wise to administer both a global campaign and a segmented one. The DigitAll global advertising campaign doesn’t seem to be enough to effectively increase market share. It is the kind of campaign that doesn’t necessarily make sales increase, but simply increases ...view middle of the document...

This doesn’t mean a low original retail price, but instead, contracts with cell phone companies that create price cut illusions that boost sales.
* The electronics entertainment industry demands frequent introduction of new products. The company should consistently be conducting trend analysis and when a new product is discovered internally and finds positive results in test markets, marketing campaigns for its introduction into public should be especially strong.
* Samsung should also accentuate links between products in their marketing efforts. The different Samsung products are specially designed to link together, as Apple has successfully done, and successfully marketing this linkage factor will boost lifelong sales.

ii. Product Strategy. Samsung should consider “specializing” in a certain product category just as Apple does with music and computers, and Sony does with audio entertainment. Worldwide, over 120 firms have entered the laptop computer market and no one firm dominates in market share. Samsung’s strong IT background points to a possible specialization in laptops. Samsung should look to discovering added features and design to earn a piece of the market share. Consumers are becoming much more savvy in their purchases, especially with the rise of Internet buying power, and expect more “bang for their buck.” Bonus features like content storage products or IT customer services will help to entice sales. Warranty policies for products like laptops and cell phones that are used often and daily are very valuable to most consumers who have had problems with their electronics in the past.
* Creating a unique, recognizable...

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