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In the 21st century, Asia will be the leader of the international economics growth in the world we are living. In fact, the shifting of global power has happened since a few years before and this was clearly significant through many contributions of Asian countries to the global economic downturn of 2008 and the economic crisis of Europe of 2011 as well. In deed, the growth of most important Asian countries, such as China, India, Korea, Asean-5, Australia, in the last four years is also exceptional. As a result, many people ask themselves a question: Why could Asian countries be strong and successful. The answer for this question comes from many reasons and the success of ...view middle of the document...

sʌŋ ɡɯ'ɾup̚], informally Samsung) is a South Korean multinational conglomerate company headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul. It comprises numerous subsidiaries and affiliated businesses, most of them united under the Samsung brand, and is the largest South Korean chaebol.

Samsung comprises about 80 companies. It is highly diversified, with activities in several areas including constructions, electronics, financial services, shipbuilding and medical services.
As of April 2011 the Samsung Group comprised 59 unlisted companies and 19 listed companies, all of which had their primary listing on the Korea Exchange stock-exchange.
Samsung Electronics belonged to and is a flagship of Samsung Group because it not only contributes significantly to the total revenue of Samsung Group but also is running in the market segments that have many opportunities. Samsung Electronics is now consisting of four major core markets:

• Electronics & Telecommunications products (LCD panel, Memory, Semiconductor and System LSI and etc.)

• Mobile Products and Services (Cell phone, Smartphone, Communication Solution and etc.)

• Personal Devices and Services (Computer, Laptop, LCD, IT Solution and etc.)

• Home Entertainment ( Home Theatre system, DVD player, Bluray player, Camcorder, Camera and Television)


Wikipedia (cited in Jung 2012, p.160) expressed that Samsung becomes the largest leader of IT makers and its sale revenue of Led displays, LCD and memory chips is the top of the world. Meanwhile, it keeps a dominant position in TV market. The given information also shows that the number of TVs and LCD panel sold is always at top level in the last five years in a row.

Before we go into the main part of the critical analyze and evaluation on the organization in terms of the challenges and opportunities facing it in the next decade. We first describe and summarize what achievements which Samsung has obtained during the last twenty years. Specifically, when knowing these great achievements will allow Samsung to approach further grow and maintain the Digital leading position.

According to Harvard business review (2011), Samsung is considered as the world leader in design, marketing and R&D. It successfully transformed itself from the low cost original equipment manufacturer to become one of the giant of Electronics and Digital manufacturers. Samsung now is a valuable and premium brand image in global digital industry.

Meanwhile, Samsung managers definitely emphasized the purpose that Samsung operation will ‘be guided by a blueprint that comprises organization creativity, technological innovation, highly ethical conduct, superior products, intellectual capital and employee empowerment’ (Samsung Press Information 2011). All of these commitments have been implemented correctly and it is still an ongoing process inside Samsung.

Samsung continually invested large amount of money into research (ex: Samsung...

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