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Santander Essay

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Marketing New Product

-——Banco Santander bank

Prepared by: Yang Zhan (Alice)
Prepared on: 10th September 2015


Spain has the largest financial group in Latin America, one of the world's third-largest bank and fourth largest bank profits, as well as international development of the world's most successful bank, which is Spain's Banco Santander. Santander founded in 1857. By the end of 2013, total assets reached 1.1156 trillion euros, net profit of 4.37 billion euros the year. Santander's network around the world, mainly in continental Europe, Latin America and the ...view middle of the document...

As well as the bank make some strategies to get this purpose.

1. Definitions of strategy and their application to Santander
From the perspective of the future development of the business point of view, the performance of a strategic plan, and from the perspective of the development process of companies in the past, the strategy is manifested as a pattern. If the industry level, the strategic performance as a positioning point of view from the enterprise level. Strategy is manifested as a concept. In addition, the strategy also expresses a business strategy adopted in the competition. This is a comprehensive comparison of views on corporate strategy, known as the 5P model (Mintzberg, et 1998). The strategic Santander has three: First, to achieve an important international program Santander, in the domestic market place. Banco Santander’s transformation from a medium-sized Spanish bank to one of the world’s biggest and most profitable banks. n addition, Santander to implement its international strategy may also be considered valid. Secondly, the creation of new strategies, Santander first develop their capabilities in foreign markets through acquisitions or other strategic alliances banks and small-scale. Finally, large-scale enter foreign market and rapid integration.
Companies can achieve their desired goals and maximum benefit through policy, which is derived from the definition of strategy. In addition, the strategy should be based on resources, goals and objectives, as well as the company's external environment designed to have a positive impact on the company's operations.
2. Industries and markets Santander competes
Santander is committed to retail banking, which is relying on high-tech means to individuals, families and small and medium enterprises to provide comprehensive, integrated financial services, including deposit, loans, settlement, foreign exchange, investment banking and other services. And offer attractive services. It is in the financial services industry in the most important sub-sectors in one. 2008 financial crisis, Santander Bank Group, as the euro area the largest market capitalization, the largest number of global affiliates and shareholders of the bank group, due to recent development of sound, profitability is good. It is not only relatively safely through the international financial crisis, but also the financial crisis as a favorable opportunity to grow their own, occupying a favorable position in the international banking competition.
Santander's network around the world, mainly in continental Europe, Latin American and the United Kingdom three major markets., Mainly through cross-border mergers and acquisitions and strategic .In addition to Latin America's strong cultural affinities with Spain, Banco Santander was attracted there for its first wave of internationalization because of the continent's high growth potential and very low bank penetration.

3. Industry characteristics and Dynamics

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