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Kennedy BarnettNettie FarrisENG 10209/10/14 Imagination or Schizophrenia?I like to play games; fun ones. The ones where you run around trying to get away from someone. Tag? Yeah, I like tag. My favorite game is Hide and Seek. I'm usually the one hiding; I like to hide. I like to have someone find me because then I can hide in places they'll never look. Anabelle never looks there so I always win. Anabelle is my best friend. My mom tells me to stop playing with her, but she doesn't like that very much. Sometimes she tells me to hurt my mom but I love my mom, I don't want to hurt her. I like counting numbers. She like to do that too. We usually count to 100, but sometimes I forget the numbers ...view middle of the document...

Some symptoms of schizophrenia are Social withdrawal, Hostility or suspiciousness, Deterioration of personal hygiene, Flat, expressionless gaze, Inability to cry or express joy, Inappropriate laughter or crying, Depression, Oversleeping or insomnia, Odd or irrational statements, etc. With such a variety of side effects, it is quite difficult to classify a child into one of these types. As children progress mentally, most tend to grow out of the stages of imaginary friends, behavioral outbursts, and vocalizing thoughts to themselves, but when do parents decide that it is abnormal for their child? Researchers are still trying to pinpoint the timespan that parents need to be concerned with their child's "abnormal" behaviors.Schizophrenia is very rare. "Although its prevalence is estimated to be up to 1% of the population worldwide..." (Daniel C. Javitt, MD, PhD, S160). Even though schizophrenia is a rare condition, people can still have it and not even realize it. As children start to age, parents should start to be concerned before the child hits preteen years. Schizophrenia is a condition that can be linked with other issues, which makes the disorder difficult to pinpoint. "Like children with a variety of disorders, many schizophrenic children meet criteria for additional diagnoses" (Mohammdi, 36). This specific sentence tells readers that with schizophrenia, other issues can take place, making the disorder hard to pinpoint. This fact should be encouragement for parents to observe for side effects early in a child's life. Psychotic symptoms are not uncommon in childhood. "For example, 13% of a cohort of 11-year-olds reported a psychotic symptom" (Greenstein, 366). This statistic says that over a tenth of young children report a psychotic symptom, which may or may not be schizophrenia. Parents have to truly observe their children to find an even slight chance of schizophrenia.Schizophrenia can be searched for in many ways, looking at traumatic events in the child's life, his or her way of socializing, and the way they interact with society. One research says, "Another study estimates that heritability accounts for approximately 80% of the causation of schizophrenia" (Gallagher III and Jones, 125). With such a high statistic, parents first need to be aware of their historical background within the family. If they are unaware of this, the acknowledgement of schizophrenia in a child is less noticeable. In an article provided by Brown University, schizophrenia is usually happening between the ages of 15 and 35, but can happen to children younger than this as well,...

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