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Sarah, Plain And Tall Essay

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Sarah, Plain and Tall

By Patricia MacLauchlan

The novel is set in the Midwestern United States (Kansas) during the late 19th century. Some days was raining for days and the clouds followed. The house was cool, damp, and quiet.
The novel is setting in the spring season where the green grass fields the bloomed with Indian paintbrush, red and orange, and blue eye grass.

Anna, the voice of the story, is a young girl, she lives on a farm with her Papa “Jacob” who always was wearing overalls with black shoes, his hair is dark, his personality is quite and discrete. Her brother Caleb is a little boy with black hair and big brown eyes who always was wearing dark blue overalls. He has two dogs (Lottie and Nick). Caleb asked every single day about his mother. Their mother died shortly after giving him birth Sarah is who responds to Jacob’s advertisement in the newspaper about ...view middle of the document...

Ana, Jacob's ten-year-old daughter, took time to realize that her father had to move on from their deceased mother and remarry

The conflict is when one day Sarah got up early and put on her blue dress. She loaded a bundle of hay on the wagon for Old Bess and Jack. She put her yellow bonnet. Sarah kissed all, even Jacob then she drove away. Anna, Caleb and Jacob felt so sad and lonely asking why Sarah gone. Anna is torn. She loved her mother and she loves Sarah. but, surprising slowly the wagon came around the windmill and the barn and the windbreak and into the yard. Sarah climbed down from the wagon saying that she is loud and pesky!, the kids told her that they thought she may be thinking of leaving them because she miss the sea but Sarah smiled and she said: I will always miss my old home, but truth of it is I would miss you more……
Sarah just leaves for a trip into town; she had brought back colored pencils so she could show them the beautiful colors and views of Maine and gorgeous seashore. She, Anna, Caleb, and Jacob have a lot of good times that lead to Caleb loving Sarah even more. In the end, Sarah and Jacob get married.

The message of this novel celebrates familial love and simply portrays a child’s need for a love of a mother. The story is written from the view of the two young children. Sarah’s character is strong: she shows her courage to travel alone from Maine to Kansas; she leaves behind her home, family, and the sea; she begins a new life with strangers in a strange land; and most importantly, she “stands up” to Jacob. It is a strong woman such as Sarah who can love and be loved by a family broken apart by the death of a mother and a wife. Sarah, Plain and Tall is a heartwarming story.

I really like the story, it was easy to read and understand. They story describe very well each character. My favorite is Sarah because her courage and bravery to affront things. Sarah is one of the most lovely women I’ve ever read in a book. It seems that she is a “superwoman”. I also, like Anna in the way the tells the story.

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