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Satrhub Can Make It Essay

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Executive Summary

StarHub is a well established player in providing fully integrated info- communication. This report analyze the Focus Strategies it adopted, and also on the Integrated Approach to service management, with eight components, namely Product element, Place, Promotion, Price, Process, Productivity and quality, People and Physical Environment. On top of that, the other two important aspects, Role and Scripts are also being studied.

SatrHub is using the Market Focus strategy in providing services to its targeted market. It has a wide range of services, ranging from Next Gen NBN to demand TV, catering for the segments that it can serve best. In the Integrated Approach, for ...view middle of the document...

From the marketing perspective, StarHub has provided sufficient information to facilitate in the easy understanding of service flow.

With the development of technology, distribution channel has a new meaning. For project Next Gen NBN, where StarHub is expected to JV with M1 to form an Operation company (Optco) tier. This tier would use the structure and network build by the Network company (SingTel won the bid), to resell its bandwidth to the Retail service provider (RSPs). As for the people and quality, despite the fact that the company has created a good environment to stimulate the peak performance by its service staff, StarHub may need to look into the education of its customers on their role and scripts. If the customer does not follow the specific role and scripts, it may result in unsatisfactory service, highlighted by the incident “ StarHub should have a customer service Lawyer instead of a customer service Manager”.(Appendix 1)


StarHub is a fully integrated info- communication company, offering a full range of information, communications and entertainment services for both consumer and corporate markets. It operates Singapore’s fastest two way 3.5 G mobile network that delivers up to 14.4 mps for downlink (with HSPA) to complement its nation wide GSM network, and an island wide HFC network that delivers multi channel cable TV services (including high definition Television and on Demand TV), as well as ultra high speed residential broadband services. StarHub also operates an extensive fixed business network that provides a wide range of data, voice and wholesale services.

Launches in 2000, StarHub has become one of Singapore’s most innovative info- communications providers, and pioneer in “hubbing”- the ability to deliver unique integrated and converged services to all customers.

StarHub subsidiaries are as follow;

1) StarHub Cable vision Ltd
Currently offering starhub TV, the multi-channel pay TV services launched in June 1995 and also Pay TV through a wireless delivery via digital terrestrial television system

2) Starhub Internet Pte Ltd
Provides Internet services, innovative multi media applications, and fixed and mobile convergent services

3) Starhub online Pte Ltd
Provide flagship services, MaxOnline, the unlimited “always on” plug and play residential cable broadband service, offering high broadband speeds and excellent home networking capabilities

Based on the interview of its CEO MR Terry Clontz (TZ) by The Smart Investor, this report look into the Basic Focus Strategies for Services. On top of that, it also utilized the concepts of Integrated Approach to Service Management which consist of Eight components, as well as Role and Scripts, to analyze on its services to customers.

Focus Strategies

In the competitive info- communication market such as StarHub is in, it is unusual for a company to provide all customers as it would be too...

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