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Saving Private Ryan Essay

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Saving Private Ryan
Moral Issues in Film
John McGough
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Saving Private Ryan 2

Saving Private Ryan opens as an elderly veteran wanders through a military cemetery overlooking the beaches of Normandy. He tries to find the graves of the men sent to find him and return him stateside to his family. The film then cuts to D-day and follows a squad of eight soldiers as they land on Omaha beach in Normandy. As they fight and survive through the D- day horrors they are faced with many decisions that a ...view middle of the document...

The last scene is an elderly Ryan crying and asking if he was a good man to his family members.

Saving Private Ryan 3

There are many moral lessons and concerns that are a part of the movie, Saving Private Ryan. One is how an individual can lose all sense of right and wrong when fear and anger take over their emotions. On D-day, the stress of crossing the beach drives some soldiers to execute
German soldiers who are surrendering. An “eye for an eye” are the words used to describe why a person would seek revenge for what they felt was a personal attack on them. The German soldiers fired upon the squad as they made their way across the beach killing hundreds of their comrades. The German soldiers are only following the orders of their superiors and appear as frightened and confused as the Allied soldiers making the landing. The emotional toll of watching fellow soldiers die would cause some people to seek revenge on the people who harmed them. People are motivated to seek revenge and act out of a sense of fairness. They are thinking that the only way to balance the wrong done to them is to make the perpetrator suffer as much as they did. By killing defenseless individuals, are you righting a wrong or creating another unjust act? The German soldiers were following orders like the Allied soldiers. They want to return to their wives and children as badly as the Americans did. By exacting revenge on the enemy soldier, you are punishing him for following orders and harming his family for actions...

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