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Saving Private Ryan Vs The Longest Day

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Saving Private Ryan Vs The Longest Day

The D-Day footage from Saving Private Ryan is quite similar to The Longest Day as it showed how hard it was for the solders to reach their target and get off the beach. I also think that the films were similar because they both showed the fighting which took place in the town and around the bridges. Both films also showed how intense the fighting was and how brave the soldiers were during the war. These films also showed that the soldiers were very superstitious and were quite religious.
The D-Day footage in The Longest Day was different to Saving Private Ryan as it showed all of the beaches in Normandy which were invaded by the Allied troops; Saving Private Ryan ...view middle of the document...

The Longest Day was also different as every character was using their native language. Without subtitles, I would find The Longest Day a hard film to follow.
Saving Private Ryan was extremely bloody compared to The Longest Day; The Longest Day was a PG so that children could also watch it. Saving Private Ryan was more realistic about how fierce the war was on D Day. I think The Longest Day was more factual as it was created by the actors that took part in D Day.
I preferred Saving Private Ryan as it made you care about the characters in the film. You got to know the characters better in this film as they were there all the way through the movie. I also preferred this film more as it had an interesting and exciting plot. The story was based on a true story but was changed from 8 brothers to 4 brothers. Furthermore, I enjoyed this film more as the special effects used in the movie were very good; it made you think that the characters in the film were actually dying. I also preferred this film as it was in colour; the longest day was chosen to be in black and white so it wasn’t too graphic.
I think that The Longest Day was a better interpretation of D Day as the story was based on the information which was given by people who were actually there during D Day. The many of the characters in the film also took part in the D Day invasion. The Longest Day also showed its significance better than Saving Private Ryan as it showed you the planning and what was happening for a few days before the invasion. It showed you that if this invasion failed, it would be the end of the war and the Allies would lose. Saving Private Ryan started the film on Omaha beach, not showing what had happened a few days before.

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