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Saving Your Company Money Essay

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I have written this letter to propose a solution to the problem of huge volumes of energy being wasted in our facility. The wasted energy of running office lights, computers, ineffective equipment, and other energy wasting sources not only increases businesses' and institutions' energy bills, but is also detrimental to the environment. In these tough economic times, saving money has to be one of our main priorities. Many companies are discovering they can reduce their energy consumption through simple "green" changes.
U.S. commercial buildings spend an annual total of $107.9 billion on energy. On average, 30 percent of this energy is used inefficiently or unnecessarily. This results in $32.4 billion in energy being used inefficiently or unnecessarily by commercial buildings across the U.S.
Furthermore, cutting the overuse of energy will not only help finances, but it will help the environment as well. Immediately, we need to enact environment-friendly policies to reduce ...view middle of the document...

Commercial buildings generate 17 percent of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. Oil is the main fuel source that provides this energy to the U.S. Currently, our company is wasting money and is hurting the environment in the process. Therefore, we can save our company thousands of dollars annually simply by being more "green."
You should consider implementing the following policies:
• Replace all lights with compact, fluorescent bulbs. On average, companies use about 38 percent of their electricity for lighting. These lightbulbs not only use 75 percent less energy than traditional bulbs, but also last about ten times longer.
• Replace broken appliances with Energy Star products. These products use 75 percent less energy than standard machines.
• Install motion-activated light switches. These eco-friendly light switches will ensure that lights are only on when a room is in use.
• Install power strips. Machines that are off but still plugged into live outlets may consume nearly three quarters of an office's power. Using power strips will enable us to completely cut off power to our machines, possibly saving us thousands.
• Encourage employees to use daylight. Rather than turning on lights, they should open window blinds to allow as much natural light as possible to fill the room.
Another important step we should take as a company is to appoint a Recycling Coordinator. This coordinator can monitor these energy-reducing policies and procedures. The coordinator could also be in charge of developing new and different ways to be "green" and save even more money. Having someone placed in this role will ensure that these policies and procedures are implemented.
It will greatly benefit our company if you approve this proposal quickly and develop an environmentally-friendly recycling program to further progress our company as a "green" company. This program will help to reduce the company's waste of energy. By showing a commitment to energy-saving habits, I believe our company will receive positive PR, greatly boosting our company's profile. Being more "green" will also draw more business from other green companies. I highly recommend you investigate this matter further, and I hope you implement the suggestions I have outlined as soon as possible.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at extension 272.

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