Scenario: A Social Alliance Team Essay

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ICE Blocks 5 & 6—Comm 306 2008—Professor J. Martin

Cross-Cultural Communication
Group Briefing Assignment

Information is communicated across cultures, and if it breaks down, business fails.
E.T. Hall

David A. Ricks, author of Blunders in International Business, says, "Cultural differences are the most significant and troublesome variables… the failure of managers to fully comprehend these disparities has led to most international business blunders." Donaldson, in the “Case of the Floundering Expatriate” is an unfortunate example of someone who has failed to learn about the cultures around him. When people in organizations cross borders, whether geographic, cultural, or social, ...view middle of the document...

e., teach us the unknown based on what we already know
• show what you mean by role playing with other group members
• illustrate key points with visuals
• connect the advice to something you’ve learned from the dimensions of culture on Geert Hofstede’s web site or from Hall’s theories about context (web sites listed below)

In other words, instead of just naming cultural conventions, make the information as clear and meaningful as possible for us. You may want to organize the briefing in a logical way. For example, you might divide your briefing into two areas: business and social customs.

Details of the task are as follows:

• Individual briefings should be no more than 3 minutes long—keep your audience in mind
• A few visuals are encouraged to illustrate key graphic points (maps, pictures, etc.), but the briefing shouldn’t be a fancy, long PowerPoint presentation
• Use language from the web readings—“high/low context,” “individualist/collective,” “verbal/nonverbal,” “direct/indirect,” “power tolerance,” etc.
• Dress is business casual

ICE Blocks 5 & 6—Cross-Cultural Communication

Additional resources:

For a concise descriptions of Edward T. Hall’s theory of Context, Time, & Space: (Pacific Rim countries)

Evaluation of group briefings will follow the items noted on this rubric.

Cross-Cultural Communication Briefing-- Block 5 and Block 6
Monday April 21, 2008—Double session
|Presenters’ Names: |*Evaluation |Comments |
|Topic: |√+ √ √- | |
|Overall Grade: | | |
|Structure and Organization of Material | | |
| | ...

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