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Scenarios For Improving Engineering Email Essay

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The literature review identified a large number of opportunities and challenges and revealed 3 fundamental dimensions that affect all of the issues: context, understanding and behaviour. The following sections will summaries each of these dimensions.
Establishing uniform context between communicating parties is important for the effective transformation of knowledge into information; it is typically a ‘lossy’ process. The losses come as the result of two factors: firstly, encoding knowledge as information is a necessarily incomplete process and secondly, that there will be interpretive discrepancies on the part of the reader when decoding the information. Schutz [1972] ...view middle of the document...

This opportunity was explored in a study which investigated the potential for using automated methods to identify the significant individuals and relationships from a corpus of email [Loftus 2009]. The study concentrates on the potential for the use of this information to support information retrieval by providing a ‘human index’ in order to address issues with effective organisationally consistent categorisation of email. It can seen that these hidden patterns also have a bearing on the use of email for managing organisation communication, the identification of communities of practice within the organisation and within the wider supply chain and customer base and on understanding the spheres of influence within the organisation.
The third dimension concerns the behaviour of engineers when sending email and the effect the use of email has on their behaviour. A number of the issues identified by Loftus [2008] are associated with users having difficulty using complex Information Systems and working environments. Engineers experience...


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