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Schadenfreude Essay

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Literature has acted as an outlet to the international populace; by supplying us with comfort, entertainment, and warnings, various works of literature has, in fact, shaped us; two tales in particular, The Thousand and One Nights and Marie de France will be used as the examined texts. Many genres exist in the composition life-style, the most popular categories being: Drama, Romance, Satire, Comedy, Tragedy, and Tragicomedy. However, none is more famous and satisfying as a well written tragedy. Despite the civil population, it is human nature to be amused, or even entertained, by one’s misfortune. Keeping this in mind, one cannot help but ask why suffering is ...view middle of the document...

Otherwise, we shall continue to journey through the land, without needs for the trappings of royalty.” This is an important shift, the brother’s went from, by chance, observing mere mishaps to searching for them in hopes to be relieved from their own troubles. One of the collections in Marie de France entitled “Bisclavret (The Werewolf)” there is a different kind of suffering.
A once noble lord, Bisclavret, whom doubled as a werewolf was betrayed by his own wife who sought to marry a knight. By taking his clothes away while he was a wolf, she cursed him to remain in his lupine form and he disappeared in the woods while she married the dashing knight. Soon, Bisclavret was discovered by the king and the two became companions. At this time the lord was the most well behaved creature in all the lands until he encountered his wife and the knight. He attacked them both, the king trusted his wolf’s judgment and banished them both. Bisclavret had his clothes returned and returned to his man form with a fair share of land granted by the king.
While this may seem to be a happy fairytale ending, the two blasphemers had been exiled and had many children who were born without noses [because Bisclavret bit off her nose when he encountered her for the first time after her betrayal]. However, is this not a form of suffering? Yes, the protagonist ultimately gets the last laugh, but the suffering of the antagonist who also has their own story is not addressed. At the beginning of the text it reads, “Over and over she considered how she might get rid of him; she never wanted to sleep with him...

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