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I am currently living on north campus, in Taylor Tower. I am taking 18 credit hours of classes this semester; a great challenge as this is the most I have taken in my entire college career. I am also currently working as a lifeguard through Rec Sports in the RPAC. I am currently working an average of 12 hours a week, adding to my challenge of balancing my schoolwork. I have learned in past semesters to keep ahead of my studies, and that procrastination can lead to significant trouble. I have managed to handle the heavy workload this far through diligent studying, and am confident that I will be able to handle the challenges set ahead of me.
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In this time, I had participated in the State Fair seven times. I started with a small project: bottle rockets. I quickly realized my love for making things fly, and from there I expanded to Estes type rockets; rockets that were smaller and more compact, and had a powerful engine that launched them high into the sky. I experimented with the kit rockets I could buy until 2010, when I decided to step up to the next level: Self determined rocketry. In this project, I could come up with my own guidelines, and I had decided to build my own rockets from scratch. I made my own designs, and in 2012 I had focused entirely on making a rocket as aerodynamic as possible. Through my efforts, I was named the overall winner at the State fair that year. Through 4-H, I had turned a small hobby into a passion, ultimately pushing me to continue on that path.
I feel my parents have done a great deal of shaping my life as well. They have been strict and have given fair discipline where it was needed. They did not give me material goods that I did not need. They taught me how to balance my budget and to first pay for the things that I need and save some money away, and then use leftover money, if I have any, for other purchases that I might desire. They gave me the same treatment they gave my siblings. I was not given a cell phone; I had to find a steady job to pay for one. I...

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